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This August, the highly anticipated Vogue Scandinavia was launched. Comprising a whole region, the edition covers the Nordic countries of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland. The magazine aims to be an emblem of modern Nordic fashion, combining elements from all the Nordic countries to highlight the characteristics of their unique fashion. 

Vogue is with its vast history and global impact considered a worldwide fashion authority. The power of Vogue and the impact of being featured in a Vogue magazine has acquainted the magazine a status of a guiding star for readers and brands to follow. Therefore, the launch of Vogue Scandinavia marks a significant moment in the Scandinavian fashion history.

The 28th edition of Vogue: Vogue Scandinavia

In June 2020 the launch of Vogue Scandinavia was officially announced. With the ever increasing impact of Scandinavia as a fashion destination, the new edition was met with excitement – it serves as a natural addition to the catalogue of different Vogues. The magazine emphasises the role of Scandinavian fashion on an international level.

By publishing Vogue Scandinavia in English, the magazine isn’t only made easy accessible for the Nordic countries, but worldwide. In addition to representing key features of Scandinavian fashion, the magazine takes a political stand on concerns and values of the Nordic region.

Vogue: a fashion history 

Vogue Magazine originates from America, where the first ever edition saw the light in 1892. Since 1909, the magazines have been part of Condé Nast Publishers. Vogues first international edition, British Vogue, was launched in 1916, and marked the beginning of what would become a global fashion powerhouse. Today, Vogue is published in a total of 19 languages, targeting a massive worldwide audience. The launch of Vogue Scandinavia marks the magazines’ 26th international edition.

With its long history and establishment, Vogue Magazine has heavily influenced the development of the fashion magazine industry. Furthermore, its impact on fashion trends remains prevalent to this day. In 2009, The New York Times named Vogue “high fashion’s bible”.

Vogue Scandinavia ethos: Sustainability on the front page

Vogue Scandinavia aims to cover fashion in a sustainable matter. Its Editor-in-Chief, Martina Bonnier, has been working actively with sustainable fashion for the past 20 years – and has made sure that environmental matters are a key pillar in the launch of Vogue, being carbon neutral from day one. This represents the love and care of nature that is apparent across the Nordics. According to Bonnier, it is this common link of nature that binds Nordic people together. This is reflected in the first issue of Vogue Scandinavia, and will remain a central theme in upcoming issues.


“Our goal is to give back more than we consume, to become carbon negative throughout our whole value chain”

– Mariann Jacobsson, Vogue Scandinavia’s Head of Sustainability.



The fashion industry is notorious for its environmental footprint; Vogue Scandinavia is hence putting a heavy emphasis on how one can lead a more modern and sustainable fashion consumption. This is not only represented through the content of the magazine, but in all levels of the production chain. Vogue Scandinavia is transparent in their sustainable processes, from how the paper of the magazine is locally sourced and produced in the Finnish woods, to how they have cut out plastic wrapping and gone for a more environmentally-safe wood fibre packaging.

To further minimise waste and be more sustainable, Vogue Scandinavia will be the first edition of Vogue not to be sold in physical shops. Its 6 yearly issues are exclusively to be bought on the online Vogue Scandinavia platform. With the publishing industry becoming more digitalised, Vogue Scandinavia solely being represented online utilises the advantages of online platforms. Vogue Scandinavia aims to serve its readers as a three-dimensional experience consisting of look, smell and sound; scented paper and digitally sourced sound.


“We hope to inspire our stakeholders, industry colleagues, and our loyal readers to make small changes for good. A small step made by many people creates a movement, and we are proud to be leading this movement in our industry.”

– Mariann Jacobsson, Vogue Scandinavia’s Head of Sustainability.

Meet the Editors

Martina Bonnier

Martina Bonnier is the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Scandinavia.



Konca Aykan

Konca Aykan is the Fashion Director at Vogue Scandinavia.



Allyson Shiffman

Allyson Shiffman is the Senior Fashion Writer at Vogue Scandinavia.



Josefin Forsberg

Josefin Forsberg is the Junior Fashion Writer at Vogue Scandinavia.



Camilla Larsson

Camilla Larsson is the Fashion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Rawdah Mohamed

Rawdah Mohamed is the Norwegian Fashion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is the Danish Fashion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Natalie Setterwall

Natalie Setterwall is the Digital Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Celine Aagaard

Celine Aagaard is the Sustainability Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Asa Steinars

Asa Steinars is the Nature Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Gucci Westman

Gucci Westman is the Beauty Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Marianne Theodorsen

Marianne Theodorsen is the Handbag Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Kristian Haagen

Kristian Haagen is the Watch Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Sandra Hagelstam

Sandra Hagelstam is the Shoe Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Mikko Puttonen

Mikko Puttonen is the Gender Fluidity Expert at Vogue Scandinavia.



Mona M Ali

Mona M Ali is the Diversity & Inclusion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Tom Pattinson

Tom Pattinson is the Editorial Manager at Vogue Scandinavia.



Jennifer Nilsson

Jennifer Nilsson is the Social & Commercial Media Editor at Vogue Scandinavia.



Rebecka Thorén

Rebecka Thorén is the Assistant to the Editor-in-Chief at Vogue Scandinavia.



How to reach the Editors

The editorial of Vogue Scandinavia is a wide variety of Editors and Experts, all prominent contacts within the Scandinavian fashion industry. VOCAST have gathered consent from the entire editorial and created a list solely dedicated to Vogue Scandinavia.


If you wish to subscribe to our Vogue Scandinavia list, please contact us here:

Sarah is the Lifestyle Researcher for the Danish market at VOCAST. She is very passionate about the fashion industry and along with her work at VOCAST she studies Communication at Copenhagen Business School.

Sara is the Norwegian Market Coordinator at VOCAST, responsible for Norwegian fashion and lifestyle research. When not at VOCAST, she studies Brand and Communications at Copenhagen Business School. Besides work and studies, she is a travel, music, and movie enthusiast.


Josefine is the Swedish Market Coordinator, responsible for the fashion and lifestyle research and coordination within the Swedish market. Alongside her work, at VOCAST she is finishing her studies in Communication Design & Media in Copenhagen.




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