Intelligence you need, nothing you don’t

More features don’t make a better platform. Curated from over a decade of working with creatively-minded clients, our digital toolbox delivers all the control, security and actionable insight you need and nothing you don’t.


Find out who your top influencers are, or those who always engage with your content and drive your product forward.



What are the most downloaded files over time? What was your most effective campaign? Find the answers and more inside.



Do you know when is the best time to send content to your influencers and when they are most active in your Digital Showroom? Now you do.

Measure Responses

With our Reach Intelligence you can easily check if you are getting returns on your marketing efforts. You’ll get feedback on the response rate for the individual send-outs as well as a general response rate based on all of your previous send-outs. Your recipients also get a response rating, so you know who is interested in your brand and can update your lists accordingly.

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VOCAST extends our brand values and aesthetics. Not only did we go from having four tools to one, we took our PR inhouse, to gain control, while maintaining reach and the personal touch in relations with our clients, journalists and ambassadors.”

Anna Manner, Head of PR



Track Your Users’ Behavior

Whenever your Digital Showroom users log in and download your digital assets, everything is logged on their personal profile. So you can view their behaviour over time, what files they have downloaded, when they usually log on and what content they receive and interact with.

Get Insights

We give you the ability to get the most out of your campaigns using our Reach Intelligence feature. We track your recipients engagement with your content, allowing you to see who opened, who clicked and how many times they did it. Find out how your audience responds by checking their response scores as well as your own.

Send Large Files

With VOCAST you can quickly transfer large files via email in an instant. A simple link to the files stored in VOCAST gives your receiver the ability to download exactly what they need. No hassle or expiration date.

Use your time intelligently and efficiently

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