Share your brand assets beautifully with our Image Bank

Worried about brand identity?

VOCAST has re-defined asset sharing and made it easy for you and your partners to showcase your brand with power and style. Share beautifully with a Digital Showroom designed around the needs of top design and lifestyle brands.

Your image bank, or as we like to call it, your digital showroom is a place for editors, influencers, buyers and your retailers to access your assets on the go. With the power to make or break your brand, these are the people you want to impress. So why not give them a visual experience that tells a story about your brand, just as you would in your physical showroom?


Asset sharing

Your digital showroom facilities intuitive image searching, allowing you to search by color, season, product type and more. Image sharing is equally as easy. You and your customers can create a selection of a few images or a whole collection in seconds. This technology is designed around relation-building dynamics making the sharing possibilities endless.


Custom design

We believe your Digital Showroom should be a reflection of your brand. Our team of designers craft every detail of your creative vision and extension of your brand into a Digital Showroom, which will fit seamlessly into your website.


Protect your content

Don’t want just anyone stumbling upon your showroom? We can help you protect your content. Choose to protect the images and assets in your digital showroom with a login, so you can easily control who gets access and then track their behavior once they’re inside.


Download statistics

Which piece from your latest collection is trending? Which country is responding to your aesthetic? Which editor has stopped by your digital showroom? Our reach intelligence feature allows you to identify which images are being downloaded, by whom and where they’re based.


“The speed and manner in which lifestyle magazines are produced is changing rapidly these years. We have to work faster and more efficient than we could imagine just a few years ago. So for us it is essential to have fast, easy, convenient, digital access to print quality images from the brands and designers we cover at all times of the day. We do 50 publications a year and if we have to depend on going back and forth on email and phone with PR reps, we will never make our deadlines.”

Charlotte Ravnholt, co-editor BO BEDRE, Costume Living, Nordic Living and Editor in Chief Scandinavian Living



Reach Intelligence

You’ll get data on how who is your top downloader, where in the world they are from, which files are the most popular and how you are doing compared to yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. You’ll be able to check if your send outs are creating traffic and who is viewing your products in your Digital Showroom.

Customizable layouts

Your Digital Showroom layout can be customized by you. Easily change your front-page with your choice of selections, banners, and more, making asset management simple. It can also be more than only your digital assets. You can also add a news section, sign up forms, contact information and more to create more buzz around your brand. All directly done in the settings section of VOCAST.


Start sharing your assets today