Share your brand assets beautifully

Your digital showroom is going to be visited by people that can make or break your brand: journalists, influencers, specifiers and retailers. And just like in your physical showroom they expect it to be a visual experience that tells a story about your brand. Forget yesterday’s old folder structures and the 90’s desktop environment type software. VOCAST’s Digital Showroom lets you share your assets on the go with elegance and ease. Every visitor leaves a digital footprint that in time will show you who they are.

Share With Ease And Power

In your Digital Showroom, you and your customers can easily create a selection of a few images or a whole collection and share it using the built-in Sharing feature. Our technology is designed around relation building dynamics so you plug into your own network, and your networks network.


Protect Your Content

Don’t want just anybody messing around inside your showroom? We’ve got you. We set up a login protection on your Digital Showroom, so you can easily control who gets access and track their behavior once they’re inside.

Custom Design

Your Digital Showroom needs to be a reflection of your brand. Don’t worry, our team of designers will collaborate with you to create a custom design, which will fit seamlessly onto your website. Just give us a quick briefing, and we’ll come up with a few ideas and code the whole thing for you.

Download Statistics

Get real-time insights in to which files are being downloaded the most and by whom. Identify your biggest consumers and find out how many visitors you get at the release of your new collection.

Everything Is About You

The creative industry is filled with creative people; they are visual storytellers and they expect you to be too. The VOCAST Brand Sharing Platform is 100% visually customized and built into your website. Everything from email campaigns to login and download is designed by you, with your brand identity at the center.




At Ganni we aim to offer a high service level to all our partners, both press and retailers. It’s a top priority for us to always inspire visually and deliver on high standards. VOCAST let’s us run a visual image bank the way you would run your webshop with campaigns aimed at generating downloads among our target stakeholders.”

Alexandra Bernardini, International PR Manager



Fully Responsive Layouts

You’ve put a lot of effort in to creating your content and campaigns, and we’ve made sure your email campaigns are displayed in the best way across devices and email clients. You can always view a live preview of your email campaign on desktop and mobile devices inside the VOCAST Editor, so you can ensure that your content looks great – anytime, everywhere.

Reach Intelligence

You’ll get data on how who is your top downloader, where in the world they are from, which files are the most popular and how you are doing compared to yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. You’ll be able to check if your send outs are creating traffic and who is viewing your products in your Digital Showroom.

Add Content

Your Digital Showroom can be more than only your digital assets. You can also add a news section, sign up forms, contact information and more to create more buzz around your brand. All directly done in the settings section of VOCAST.

Start sharing your assets today

Get in touch and let us show you how easy it is to share your brand – beautifully and simple