Create stunning email campaigns in minutes

Lacking the freedom to create stunning email campaigns true to your brand? We have combined email marketing best practices with valuable insights to your recipients’ behavior, enabling you to control your visual impact.

Create stunning email campaigns in minutes

Custom Templates

We provide you with templates that you can customize to match your marketing strategy, giving you the freedom to control every visual aspect of your press release or newsletter – Just let us know what you want and we will create it for you. Simple as that.

Target Your Audience

Easily target different audiences to make sure your message reaches the ones who matter. Our team of international curators handpick the key editors, freelancers, magazines, influencers and more – making it easier for you to find your people. We even give you feedback on which contacts have disabled emails, are without consent and prevent you from sending your content to the same person twice.

Testing Is Key

We have a built-in testing feature, which allows you to send your draft as a real email to yourself or a colleague for approval. Collaborate on bigger email campaigns and make sure your content is spot-on.

Performance Insights

Dive into each email campaign and see how well it’s performing. Get accurate statistics on open rates, click rates, what’s being downloaded and engagement over the send-out’s lifespan. Get the most out of your campaigns by comparing your recent send-out to the entire email campaign history, using our Reach Intelligence feature.

Get Insights

Get Insights

We give you the ability to get the most out of your campaigns using our Reach Intelligence feature. We track your recipients’ engagement with your content, allowing you to see who opened, who clicked and how many times they did it. Find out how your audience responds by checking their response scores.

Light Email With Heavy Files

With VOCAST, you can quickly transfer large files via email in an instant. A simple link to the files stored in your VOCAST Archive gives your receiver the ability to download exactly what they need. No hassle or expiration date.

Send large files

Shamballa Jewels



Shamballa Jewels is epitome of impeccable craftsmanship and excellent quality – all our touchpoints must reflect this, and therefore, VOCAST was a natural choice from the beginning when it came to choose a platform that could present our brand to press and retailers in the best possible way.”

Isabel Boyschau Hansen, Global PR Manager



Fully Responsive Layouts

You’ve put a lot of effort into creating your content and campaigns.
Customize your layout knowing that it works effortlessly among all your devices and various email service providers. You can always view a live preview of your email campaign on desktop and mobile devices inside the VOCAST editor, so you can ensure that your content looks great — anytime, anywhere.

Advanced Drag & Drop Builder

Our email editor comes with an intuitive built-in Drag & Drop function, that lets you customize every send-out to your needs. Signing up gives you access to our email templates, which you can customize to ensure you get the right look for every email campaign.

Advanced Drag'n'Drop Builder

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