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Finding the right contacts who can truly impact your brand is key. Our global team pinpoints the right journalists, bloggers and media outlets for your brand, from design and lifestyle influencers in our network. Stay ahead of your competitors by targeting your marketing efforts with the VOCAST Influencer Network.

Get access to influencers and their network

Native Researchers

We work alongside expert researchers who are knowledgable, experienced and most of all, dedicated to finding the established and up-and-coming freelancers, bloggers, editors and more within their native countries.

Brand Matching

Not all influencers are the same. Some cover swimwear and others cover up with cashmere sweaters. We provide access to those influencers, where you can select the most relevant to your brand aesthetic.


Track Behavior

We collect detailed info on our contacts so you can track their behavior – see how they engaged in your latest email campaign compared to the last one, what they are downloading from your Digital Showroom and which links they are following from your newsletters.

Reach Intelligence

Reaching your market can be a complicated mix of physical and online channels. We have built an algorithm of channels, where all types of outlets and influencers are made known – giving you a benchmark for comparison.

Targeted Segmentation

Looking for Fashion Editors from the Netherlands? We’ve got that covered. Need a list of home & interior trade publications from the U.K.? We’ve got it. Our curated lists give you complete access to all of those relevant influencers. With a wide array of markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands, we have detailed lists of the most important people within Fashion, Jewelry and Home/Interior.

Targeted Segmentation



LE KLINT is a danish design brand operating internationally, but we’re still a small company. VOCAST gives us access to the right influencers in many markets combined with the right visual touch in both email and Newsroom enabling us to control our narrative while still maintaining a great reach.”

Søren Andersen, Marketing Manager


Detailed Info

Detailed Info

We collect information on influencers’ networks, gathering their page views, social media reaches and followers in order to calculate a personal reach. We also log what you have sent them and if they opened it, so you can adjust your targeted lists.

Legal Consent

We’ve gathered consent so you don’t have to. Our diverse team of researchers obtain consent from all of our listed press contacts – making it easier for you to reach out in the world – hassle free.

Legal Consent

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