Whatever you do, don’t call it “Digital Asset Management”

Create a visual experience

Your digital showroom is going to be visited by people who can make or break your brand: journalists, influencers, specifiers, and retailers. And just like in your physical showroom, they expect it to be a visual experience that tells a story about your brand.

Forget yesterday’s old folder structures and the 90’s desktop environment type software. VOCAST’s Digital Showroom lets you share your assets on the go with elegance and ease. Every visitor leaves a digital footprint that in time will show you who they are.

Custom Design

Everything Is About You

The creative industry is filled with creative people; they are visual storytellers and they expect you to be too. The VOCAST Brand Sharing Platform is 100% visually customized and built into your website. Everything from email campaigns to login and download is designed by you, with your brand identity at the center.

Share With Ease

In your Digital Showroom, you and your customers can easily create a selection of a few images or a whole collection and share it using the built-in Sharing feature. Our technology is designed around relation building dynamics so you plug into your own network, and your networks network.

Protect Your Content

Don’t want just anybody messing around inside your showroom? We’ve got you. We set up a login protection on your Digital Showroom, so you can easily control who gets access and track their behavior once they’re inside.

Ark Journal

“As an international magazine distributed in 32 countries, we deal with brands and designers from all over the world, so it is not possible to visit each other every single day. Therefore, it is a significant strengthening of our understanding of a brand that their digital showroom represents the same degree of aesthetics and visual DNA as their physical showroom and stores. It gives a better understanding if we can touch and feel the brand online.
Ark Journal has a tight visual identity, so we’re obviously very picky about imagery we don’t produce ourselves. Therefore, sending two options by email does not help. We need to be able to search and select what we think is right for us, and we should preferably be able to do it exactly when it suits us.
Even though we are a biannual magazine, the deadline is always busy. And here it is convenient and a great time saver for us not to have to pause our graphic work while waiting for the material we have requested but instead to have direct access to download print quality images on the brand’s website. Brands that provide direct online access to lifestyle and pack shots are a great help in our daily work.”
Mette Barfod, Editor in chief, Ark Journal  
Reach Intelligence

Reach Intelligence

You’ll get data on how who is your top downloader, where in the world they are from, which files are the most popular and how you are doing compared to yesterday, last week, last month or even last year. You’ll be able to check if your send outs are creating traffic and who is viewing your products in your Digital Showroom.

Reach a network of influencers who matter to your brand

Targeted Segmentation

Looking for Fashion Editors from the Netherlands? We’ve got that covered. Need a list of home & interior trade publications from the U.K.? We’ve got it.

Our curated lists give you complete access to all of those relevant influencers. With a wide array of markets including the United States, the United Kingdom, the Nordic countries, Germany and the Netherlands, we have detailed lists of the most important people within Fashion, Jewelry and Home/Interior.

Detailed Info

We collect information on influencers’ networks, gathering their page views, social media reach and followers in order to calculate a personal reaches. We also log what you have sent them and if they opened it, so you can adjust your targeted lists.

Reach Info

Native Researchers

We work alongside expert researchers who are knowledgable, experienced and most of all, dedicated to finding the established and up-and-coming freelancers, bloggers, editors and more within their native countries.

Legal Consent

We’ve gathered consent so you don’t have to. Our diverse team of researchers obtain consent from all of our listed press contacts – making it easier for you to reach out in the world – hassle free.

Track Behavior

We collect detailed info on our contacts so you can track their behavior – see how they engaged in your latest email campaign compared to the last one, what they are downloading from your Digital Showroom and which links they are following from your newsletters.


Want to share, control & expand your creative universe in the digital marketplace?


Create stunning email campaigns in minutes

Your brand visual is key

Tired of using different tools for the same job or waiting on colleagues to help you out? We have combined email marketing best practices with valuable insights to your recipients’ behavior, giving you the freedom to control your visual impact.

We provide you with fully customized templates, so your branding is always on point. You’ll be able to alter text sizes, fonts, colors and much more within our email editor.

Now that you’ve put a lot of effort into creating your content and campaigns, we’ve made sure your email campaigns are displayed in the best possible way across devices and email clients. You can always view a live preview of your email campaign on desktop and mobile devices inside the VOCAST Editor, so you can ensure that your content looks great – anytime, everywhere.

Email Campaigns
Get Insights

Get Insights

We give you the ability to get the most out of your campaigns using our Reach Intelligence feature. We track your recipients’ engagement with your content, allowing you to see who opened, who clicked and how many times they did it. Find out how your audience responds by checking their response scores.

Light Email With Heavy Files

With VOCAST, you can quickly transfer large files via email in an instant. A simple link to the files stored in your VOCAST Archive gives your receiver the ability to download exactly what they need. No hassle or expiration date.

Send Heavy Files