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In every local fashion market there are a select few who’s attention and reach is more crucial for your brands success than others. Our research team curates relevant press lists each week and saw an increased need for a list that selectively showcased these specific personas; Top 10 Fashion Advocates. Read on to learn more about them and their importance.

The New (Digital) Normal

The international media market of today is more complex and challenging to navigate than ever before. Social media and the rise of the internet has made it not only possible but easy and socially acceptable for everyone with a smartphone to be their own personal brand publisher. It has drastically changed society forever. In terms of marketing, the choices are endless and less obvious for those looking to gain more customers. We see this particularly in our world within fashion and design, where traditional print outlets have largely been replaced by digital feed-creators,- and influencer agencies are the new normal.

To view this phenomenon through the lens of 2020 is even more exhilarating from our digital point of view. The fashion industry which used to rely heavily on events and gatherings as the primary way of generating clickable content (and drive sales!) has simply not been able to do that in light of the current Coronavirus situation. This means that brands of all sizes have been forced to rethink/revamp their strategies and rely profoundly on digital dialogue with their desired demographic. 

Despite most markets having had the most transformational year in memory, certain market drivers have proven to remain not only constant but hyper-relevant. Our team looked into it, and one of those steady factors are the leading fashion advocates within a market; key individuals who have gained an unparalleled level of following and credibility — allowing them to transcend the fluctuations of the current situation and even strengthen their level of influence. In our digital sphere, we are humbled by the powers possessed by these people — and you should be too.

In the slides below you can see an example from each market, hand-curated by our research team. (1-UK, 2-Germany, 3-Sweden, 4-France, 5-Italy, 6-Denmark, 7-Norway, 8-US, 9-Belgium, 10-Netherlands).

Header picture credits: Copenhagen Fashion Week’s Image Bank

UK - Camille Charriere

One of the most influential insiders in the British fashion scene. Camille started as a fashion blogger and later began working for prestigious Net-A-Porter and Matches Fashion. In more recent times she has done campaigns with brands such as Mango and Harrods while also running a podcast on the side; “Fashion No Filter”, with her friend and co-fashion-guru Monica de La Villardiere.


Georgina Juel, United Kingdom Market Researcher

Germany - Caro Daur


With millions of followers and a brand new fitness program, the 25 year Hamburger continues to take the German fashion scene by storm. She is highly requested by global brands such as Fendi and Adidas and is easily recognised as one of the biggest fashion influencers of our time.


Isabelle Kube, German Market Researcher


Sweden - Hanna MW


Hanna MW is a highly sought out creative consultant and stylist doing fashion projects on a global scale; styling at Rosie Assoulin’s show for NY fashion week as well as the latest campaign for Chimi Eyewear. It is safe to say she is an adored Swedish fashion soon-to-be icon. 


Josefine Forslund, Swedish Market Researcher

France - Jeanne Damas


Jeanne Damas is the original French it-girl and her aesthetics truly embodies Parisian elegance. Between her proved longevity in the fashion industry, never-boring content and her own beauty brand Rouje – there is no doubt she deserves the title fashion advocate.


Ines Boubazine, French Market Coordinator 

Italy - Eleonora Carisi

Through timeless taste and true universal imagery, influencer Eleonora Carisi crystallizes Italian style in all content that she creates. She collaborates with luxury brands which she integrates into her platform in the most authentic way, making her a valuable fashion advocate in one of the most important fashion markets in the world.

Olivia Mariani, Italian Market Coordinator

Denmark - Emili Sindlev

Emili is one of the most popular personalities today helping evolve and export Scandinavian style. With a background from the magazine industry and a global following – she is the perfect example of a fashion advocate in the digital age.   

Christine Nygaard, Danish Market Researcher


Norway - Janka Polliani


Janka went from niche fashion blogger to household name in just a decade through her many projects in fashion, TV and more recently her hit-podcast “Janka og Marte”. She is known for her glow – inside and out – and is currently contributing as an advisor at Copenhagen Fashion Week. A true fashion advocate in Norway and beyond.

Rebekka Vik, Norwegian Market Coordinator


US - Aimee Song


From hobby fashion blogger to Forbes 30 Under 30 and on the BoF 500 list. Aimee Song is one of the most impressive business women in the influencing game, having grown “Song of Style” into a multi million dollar fashion universe including several IG-accounts and a best-selling book.

Georgina Juel, United States Market Researcher


Belgium - Paulien Riemis


The O.G, Antwerp-based blogger and influencer Paulien Riemis has showcased her style, thoughts, and surroundings on her blog since 2009 and has proven to be a true fashion authority in her market.


Wided Bouchrika, Belgium Market Researcher



Netherlands - Negin Mirsalehi


Amsterdam born and bred – Negin is one of the most powerful dutch influencers. She is well underway to establishing her own beauty imperium with haircare brand Gisou. She was also included on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list in 2018.


Wided Bouchrika, Netherland Market Researcher




Rebekka is the Norwegian Market Coordinator at VOCAST. Her experience ranges from retail management to art show facilitator, with a passion for the human side of creative business. Her free time is gladly spent outdoors hiking, skiing or teaching yoga.






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