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Norway is one of the selected markets coordinated by VOCAST. On our platform, you can find curated lists within fashion, home interior, and lifestyle to help you conquer the Norwegian market. Here are which tendencies and traditions currently shape the consumption patterns in the Nordic country:

A growing market

Although the Norwegian market is smaller than its Scandinavian neighbors Sweden and Denmark, the country has a significant impact across lifestyle markets. As the capital, the biggest city, and business center, Oslo naturally serves as the country’s fashion and interior central. Oslo has been reported by Vogue to be a fastly growing style destination, and its fashion week, Oslo Runway has gathered the attention of a large international fashion audience.

As more and more acknowledged, recognizable brands emerge, and with Scandinavian design in the spotlight, we can only expect to see more of Norway as a fashion destination. Additionally, as part of the Scandinavian region, Norway has well-established traditions when it comes to home interior. The nation is home to several design classics, for instance, Brattrud’s Scandia chair, that remain prevalent to this day.

Norwegians are avid spenders on fashion and home interior

Norwegians are avid shoppers and spend a large amount of their income on updating their wardrobes. They also invest in their home environments: Norwegians are world-leading when it comes to home renovations and improvements.

This is both due to a large homeownership ratio and a nationwide interest in interior design. Within recent years, certain new and notable consumption tendencies have emerged. Norwegian consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental footprint of their choices, leading many to value sustainable materials and brands more than before.

We can thus see a slight shift away from the traditional mass consumption of fast fashion, to an increasing desire to invest in pieces that will last season after season. Norwegians have an increasing interest in knowing where the products they buy are sourced, and the story and vision behind them. Brands can thus benefit from having a transparent communication of vision and values.

Traditions persist

Moreover, being a country deeply rooted in outdoor nature traditions, Norwegians appreciate functionality and durability, both in their clothing and home goods. This is needed to tackle the Nordic climate and maintain flexibility to complete everyday life duties.

The more functional and purposeful a piece of clothing is, the more likely it is to be worn again and again. As reuse and repurpose of clothing is ever-growing, this will be a growing tendency within the market. This is reflected in the large amount of highly valued sportswear brands rooted in Norway.

Familiarize with the Norwegian media landscape

Included in VOCAST’s Norwegian curated lists


Well-established influencers

Compared to its modest population, Norway has an established influencer scene. Norwegians are generally savvy with technology and digital media; digital influencers have therefore had a prominent role in the media landscape for over a decade.

Nowadays, most influencers have shifted from the traditional blog platform, which previously was the go-to channel, to mainly focus on Instagram. Here, the scene is rich and boasts a large selection of voices with significant reach and influence.

Among the younger and more newly established forces, TikTok has become the platform from which the largest audience is gained. Ultimately, the Norwegian influencer landscape is certainly one to keep an eye on many profiles that have a large, international following while still maintaining a solid footing and influence over the Norwegian lifestyle market.

This is exemplified through the model, influencer, and vocal advocate Rawdah Mohamed, who has used her platform to establish herself in the fashion industry while simultaneously speaking her mind. She was in 2021 appointed the prestigious position as the Norwegian Fashion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia, making her one of the most powerful profiles in the Norwegian fashion industry.

Annabel Rosendahl

Annabel Rosendahl has an established name in the Norwegian fashion landscape. A street style photography favorite, she frequents Fashion Weeks all over the world. She has a dynamic style, mixing bold patterns and colors with classic silhouettes.

Anniken Jørgensen

Anniken Jørgensen, also known as Annijor, has been one of Norway’s most impactful influencers for years. With her large audience, Anniken has established herself as a prominent fashionista, entrepreneur and trendsetter.


Renate Larsen Lorentzen

Renate Larsen Lorentzen, known under her handle @casachicks, has amassed a solid following on her Instagram, with which she shares daily home improvement inspiration. Also an interior stylist, she uses her expertise to showcase how to upgrade one’s home.


Inger-Lise Lillerovde

Inger-Lise Lillerovde is a renowned interior designer, stylist and influencer. Her home captures what one can categorize as quentessential Norwegian: a sleek, minimalist residence surrounded by astonishing nature.


Connections are key

The Norwegian lifestyle media landscape is small and interrelated. Many of the biggest magazines are owned by a few, large publishing houses. Therefore, if you get in touch with one editor, the road is short to become acquainted with more. Some editors manage numerous magazines at once and are therefore heavily connected contacts worth keeping an eye on.

Additionally, the Norwegian publishing sector is eminently connected with those of Sweden and Denmark. This is evident through publications like the newly established Vogue Scandinavia, which is scheduled to launch in August 2021.

Fashion Magazines

The fashion media landscape is currently characterized by a few, large print publications, including Costume and ELLE. You can also find a selection of online magazines offering daily fashion news. Find these and more in our curated lists.

Home Interior Magazines

You can find several home interior magazines with significant reach and readership. Browse our overview to find magazines focusing on designing your home, cabin, garden, and more.

Meet some of the editors

Kine B. Hartz

Kine B. Hartz is a leading figure in the Norwegian fashion media landscape. As the Editor-in-Chief of the country’s biggest fashion magazine, Costume, she has a solid impact on the industry.


Rawdah Mohamed

Rawdah Mohamed is an established influencer and model, and is from fall 2021 set to be Vogue Scandinavia’s Norwegian Fashion Editor. She is regarded as one of the Norwegian fashion industry’s most powerful profiles, and has captured the attention from a worldwide audience.


Cecilie Jørgensen

Cecilie Jørgensen is the Editor-in-Chief of the Norwegian home interior magazine BO BEDRE.


Kriss Daatland

Kriss Daatland is the Editor-in-Chief of Bonytt, Norway’s biggest home interior magazine.



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Sara is the Norwegian Market Coordinator at VOCAST, responsible for Norwegian fashion and lifestyle research. When not at VOCAST, she studies Brand and Communications at Copenhagen Business School. Besides work and studies, she is a travel, music and movie enthusiast.






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