Italy: Why and how to conquer the lifestyle market

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VOCAST is launching Italian curated lists for the lifestyle market. With over 67.000 fashion brands (1) and over 30.000 interior design companies (2), not to mention world prestigious wool, silk, lace and leather manufacturers, Italy represents one of the largest lifestyle markets in the world. The country’s ancient artisanal traditions have drilled Italians to dress and decorate homes properly for centuries.

As Italians put quality and beauty at the center of any product, they are highly educated consumers who seek a sophisticated product with a long-lasting lifecycle. It is therefore not a coincidence that Scandinavian design has been trending increasingly in Italian fashion magazines and among consumers the past years. Inevitably, there are still a few things to know about the market. Here is why and how you should conquer the Italian lifestyle market:

Quality: Make sure to do your homework

Italians know quality and love a good story. Make sure that your product descriptions are complete, on-point and put effort into storytelling when it comes to the provenience and sourcing of material and design. With that in mind, forget ambiguity- Italians will call you out for it. Instead, underline the uniqueness of your product even in the smallest details. This is key to tackle the competition of the national merchandise mark, Made in Italy.

Since the 80’s,  Made in Italy has developed into a global mark of excellence regarding quality and design for products designed, produced and packed in Italy. The Italian regulations are more strict than the German and American mark and special efforts have been made for the past twenty years to protect and market Made in Italy.


Keep it cordial

Like in many south European countries, titles and formality play an important role in most communication, especially if you are not well-acquainted with the recipient. For this reason, keep contact with the press formal and cordial to stay on the safe side, and you will make sure that your message is well received. 


If they like it, Italians will want to put a ring on it

With over 67.000 fashion brands in Italy alone, the competition for the consumers’ attention is high and the love story of the Italians and their favorite brands go way back. Do not try to please everyone: When it comes to the Italian market, unique positioning and identity will have a higher return as many Italians seek to invest in brands long term. This implies putting a strong emphasis on branding and storytelling. Ultimately, you also need to nurture the customer relationship as they will want to feel just as special as you are to them. Quite the commitment, but in return, you will have one of the most loyal customers in the world.


Get acquainted with the media landscape

+35 Magazines
+80 Editors
+70 Influencers

included in VOCASTs Italian curated lists



A rich influencer scene

Italy was a bit late to the party when it came to digitizing the lifestyle industry. However, many brands are now up-to-date with E-Commerce, social media channels as well as with influencer marketing. Global influencer royalty Chiara Ferragni paved the way to a rich fashion and lifestyle influencer arena with thousands of active influencers, many specialized in various niches. For this reason, the influencer market is constantly changing with new profiles arising weekly, ensuring that as a brand you can find an Italian profile that suits you.

Paola Turani


Followers: 1.5m

Paola Turani is an Italian model and influencer based in Bergamo, northern Italy. She is one of the most noted Italian lifestyle influencers and began her career as a model. Paola creates content related to her busy travel life and fashion.

Giulia Gaudino


Followers: 606K

Giulia Gaudino is an Italian fashion influencer based in Milan. She creates content related to romantic fashion, accessories, shoes, and beauty, including skincare and makeup. Giulia is the ambassador for brands such as Falconeri and Estee Lauder.

Sara Puccinelli


Followers: 63.9K

Sara Puccinelli is a lifestyle influencer based in Milan, Italy. She engages her audience through her curated minimalistic feed about fashion and interior design, as well as her frequent and authentic stories.


Key publishing houses

The Italian publishing landscape is advanced and long-established with multiple magazines focusing on various parts of the fashion and design system. Note that some of the top-titles such as Elle, Vanity Fair and Grazia will be found in the Weekly magazines curated list, unlike some of their international sibling editions.

Like most large lifestyle markets, there are a few key publishing houses holding the most important, but not all, lifestyle magazines:

Condé Nast Italia

The Italian branch of the global publishing house, holds established publications such as VOGUE, L’UOMO VOGUE, Architectural Digest, Vanity Fair, and GQ.

Hearst Italia

Favored fashion and interior design magazines including Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Esquire, Elle Decor, Marie Claire Maison are all published by Hearst Italia.


Grazia, INTERNI, Casa Bella, Casa Facile, Donna Moderna are published by Mondadori Group which holds a wide range of Italian fashion interior design magazines, each with their own niche.

RCS Mediagroup

RCS Mediagroup publishes not only Italy’s largest newspaper Corriere della Sera, but also lifestyle magazines such as AMICA, Living, and the popular weekly supplement IO Donna.


In addition to these, there are of course other key publications such as L’OFFICIEL, LAMPOON, MUSE Magazine and Pambianco for B2B communication.



Meet the editors

Emanuela Testori

Emanuela Testori is the Editor-in-chief of Amica as of 2013. She was the Deputy Director of Marie Claire Italia from 1987, before joining Amica in 2002. You will find Emanuela in the Editor-in-chief curated list.

Carlotta Marioni

Carlotta Marioni is the Fashion Director at GRAZIA Italia. She was previously worked at TUSTYLE and has a noted profile on Instagram where she publishes fashion tips and other engaging content. You will find Carlotta in the Fashion Editors & Directors curated list.

Sara Sozzani Maino

Sara Sozzani Maino is the Deputy Director at VOGUE Italia. She is also the head of VOGUE Talents, the talent initiative scouting emerging talents and designers of womenswear, menswear, accessories, and fashion photography. Sara Maino has been working at VOGUE Italia for over 20 years and is found in the Fashion Editors & Directors curated list.


To get access to the Italian curated lists of these and +35 magazines, Influencers, Trade Publications, Editor-in-chiefs, Editors, Fashion Directors, Fashion advocates and more


Olivia is the Italian Market Coordinator at VOCAST. She studied Fashion Marketing & Communication at IED in Milan, where she also began working with fashion marketing and PR. When not at VOCAST, she can be found in her kitchen developing recipes, dealing with the transition from pizza to rye bread.






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