How Pinfluencers can benefit from digital showrooms

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Pinterest is a social media platform that most people use as an online vision board. Pinterest is capturing dreams – being used as a tool to plan the future. So why not take part in planning the future? Pinterest offers you the opportunity to meet your customers when they feel inspired and lets you take part in creating an inspirational atmosphere, thus leading to future purchases.  Here is why you should keep Pinterest Influencers, referred to as Pinfluencers, in mind when arranging your digital showroom.

Get familiar with Pinterest

Pinterest is more than just a medium to share photos, videos, and other inspiring content. Its abilities go beyond being a regular social media network. Read along to get insight on why Pinterest stands out in terms of driving traffic and marketing value for individuals but brands especially.

With more than 400 million people visiting Pinterest every month, Pinterest holds a huge potential to increase and drive traffic but also to raise awareness in regards to interesting stories and streams of content. People are on Pinterest to try new things, save new ideas, and often to make their next purchase. Insights show that 85% of the users on Pinterest go to the platform when starting a new project.

Furthermore, the platform attracts mostly female users, as six out of ten pinners are women who are mainly interested in home decor and interior boards. Looking for and finding inspiration is Pinterest’s business model as it offers a huge variety of clickable boards, and its users have more than 200 billion pins saved which account for the credibility of the platform and makes it attractive for marketers and inspiration seekers. With over 28% of marketers using the platform for their business efforts, and 97% of searches on the platform being unbranded, there is a wide area of use for different purposes.

Pinterest is where people browse, discover and buy. Show up at the moment of inspiration, and take your audience from idea to “I did”.

– Pinterest Business

How to use Pinterest as a brand

Distributing your content as a brand on Pinterest is very easily managed. The platform makes it possible to organize content tailored to your needs, including organizing boards in regards to themes, ideas, plans, or types of inspiration. It will be very easy for Pinfluencers and users to click through your boards and share or re-pin their favorites. As a brand, you are also able to make your posts “shoppable”, which means consumers can directly access any product being advertised on any curated board. Furthermore, the platform offers a “live links” function on content which enables you as a brand to drive traffic to your own website or business directly through the curated post. This is especially valuable if you enable clickable links in your content.

Another aspect worth highlighting is that building a community with Pinterest has become easier than it has ever been before. The platform is built upon interaction and is a two-way street. This makes it possible to build long-term relationships with your followers by, for example: following their accounts, commenting on similar content to yours, using the right keywords/hashtags, and matching your presence on Pinterest with all your other social media channels. If you want to step up your game even more, the option to pay for a “Pinterest ads account” will enable you to run ads on the platform, increasing your visibility and engagement rates even more.

People on Pinterest are eager for new ideas, which means they want to hear from you. Content from brands doesn’t interrupt on Pinterest – it inspires.

– Pinterest Business

The benefits of working with Pinfluencers

Pinterest is a social media platform designed for commerce, making it the go-to place for consumers in the mood for shopping – or for those looking for inspiration. This makes Pinterest the ideal place for consumers to get to know your brand. Pinterest as a marketing tool isn’t solely targeted towards brands directly. Collaborations with Pinfluencers can be the easiest way to access large followings on Pinterest. Consumers are inspired by their favorite Pinfluencers and are seeking their platforms to find inspiration for their next purchase. For that reason, Pinfluencers can be a valuable asset for your brand – making your products visible on the ultimate go-to platform for inspiration.

When working with a Pinfluencer, there are various ways to go about it. The first option presents itself as a mere partnership between the brand and the Pinfluencer, resulting in the Pinfluencer sharing imagery and pictures from your brand portfolio/image bank thus redirecting traffic towards your brand and creating buzz. The second option incorporates the special delivery of imagery, directly created for you as the brand from the Pinfluencer. We are talking about content that has been solely created for the sake of promoting a specific product/service of your brand. A paid partnership that is being followed by many more creative ventures like this can create a satisfying relationship between both parties.

The world of marketing is changing, and creating a lasting impression as a brand is more important than ever before. Therefore, Pinterest offers a unique opportunity for lifestyle and fashion – brands to align with visual worlds that mirror their own aesthetics. Effects such as driving traffic of like-minded people and potential new brand enthusiasts can occur.

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How can Pinfluencers benefit from digital showrooms?

Digital Showrooms can be a helpful tool for Pinfluencers. That is why it is important to keep your imagery updated and easily accessible. Pinfluencers are browsing through aesthetically pleasing imagery every day, so they expect your digital showroom and platforms to be beautiful – this is the first step in being an attractive collaborating partner to a Pinfluencer. They make a living on aesthetics and of course, only wish to develop their boards with beautiful imagery. The digital showroom is a ticket for the Pinfluencer to get direct access to professional pictures and content for their boards. Uploading the pictures from your image banks to Pinterest makes it even more convenient for the Pinfluencers to pin your pictures and add them to their own boards. So if you really wish to get the attention of Pinfluencers, be on Pinterest, be visible and keep on uploading.

Pinterest Predicts

Every year Pinterest creates its predictions for the upcoming year. It is not the typical “trend” report, rather a “not-yet-trending” report. Take a look at their interesting predictions for 2021, in regards to Fashion, Beauty, and Home, right here;

Fashion Predictions

Athflow - Athflow is the new Athleisure

“When athleisure meets elegance—that’s athflow. Flowy pants, casual jumpsuits, and oversized outfits will replace athletic clothes as the new go-to loungewear. Athflow is professional enough for the “office,” stretchy enough for the yoga mat, and comfy enough for the couch”

Cocoon Swoon - Cocooning is the new Layering

“Blankets as a fashion statement? Oh yes. Pinners will turn to shawls, puffers, and slouchy socks in 2021—no matter the weather. Let’s make cozy comfort part of every season”

Up clothes and personal - make it is the new work it

“Make it your own. Gen Z will take personalization to the next level with DIY everything, from painted-on denim to custom crewneck sweatshirts”

Home Predictions

Vibey Lights - Neon hue is the new you

“Neon rooms will get the spotlight treatment—especially from Gen Z. Pinners will reinvent their bedrooms with bright, color-drenched lighting for majorly moody looks. LED lighting is a 2021 vibe”

Dish is out - Shelfies are the new gallery walls

“Calling it now: kitchen shelves will be the new favorite corner of the house in 2021. People will collect and invest in eye-catching dinnerware, from colored glassware to handmade clay plates”

Japandi aesthetic - Japandi is the new modern

“Every decor lover just swooned. Japanese design meets Scandinavian minimalism in this rising home decor trend. Sleek lines, neutral color schemes, and calming setups will be on the radars of Pinners everywhere”

More door - Cloffice is the new home office

“Say goodbye to open floor plans. Pinners are getting creative with closed doors. In 2021 we’ll all learn what a “cloffice” is. Even when doors aren’t available, people will find new ways to create some personal space”

Beauty Predictions

Skinimalism - Skinimalism is the new glow up

“It’s the end of the caked-on makeup look. Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through. This new “effortlessly chic” routine is simple and sustainable”

Indie beauty - Cheeky is the new chic

“Take it from Gen Z: indie isn’t what it used to be. Their version is defined by bold-colored crop tops, baggy jeans, and emoji-inspired makeup and nails. When it comes to beauty, 2021 will be about feelin’ cute”

Poppin' protective styles - Low-maintenance is the new high heat

“Pinners will get creative with braiding techniques that are protective, low-maintenance, and glamorous. Beyond the braids, style mavens will add their own personal touch with beads or colorful highlights”

Rainbrows - Defiant brows the new defined brows

“Brush up your brow game. In 2021, people will embrace bold brows and experiment with statement-making styles. Nothing is too out-of-the-brow this year”

To get access to the curated lists of Pinfluencers and more;

Image: Unsplash

References: Pinterest

Sarah is the Lifestyle Researcher for the Danish market at VOCAST. She is very passionate about the fashion industry and along with her work at VOCAST she studies Communication at Copenhagen Business School.

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