How GUBI is successfully sharing B2B content with over 2000 partners

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For GUBI, a simple Digital Asset Management system with blue folders to store their carefully crafted HQ files, campaign images, pack-shots, videos, etc…was not going to work. They needed a beautiful and efficient way to showcase their extensive furniture portfolio and drive the distribution of their high-quality B2B content to the press and over 2000 partners. 

VOCAST delivered the answer to their concern with a tailor-made digital showroom. We sat down with Jesper Klæbel, ex-Head of Marketing, IT & Business Development at GUBI, responsible for implementing digital tools and optimizing IT strategy, to tell us more about what drove GUBI to integrate the brand sharing platform into their IT arsenal and successfully implement it.

Blue folders don’t align with brand aesthetics

GUBI, like many lifestyle brands, used to have a simple DAM system (Digital Asset Management System) to cater to their B2B content needs, but ease-of-use and aesthetics were missing. Plain and poorly organized folders don’t usually translate well when you are a brand with a plethora of visual content and assets. According to Jesper, 80 to 90% of brand appearance is for the end consumer, so how do you extend that experience equally to B2B partners? And what about the press, retailers, the contract market, interior designers, and architects? Creating content is one thing, but distributing is even more important.

« Rather than having to push content all the time, we wanted the content to be pulled out automatically by our partners. We ultimately decided to go for VOCAST as it was the easiest and smartest solution to distribute content while maintaining our brand aesthetics. »

Jesper Klæbel, ex-Head of Marketing, IT & Business Development at GUBI


How our solution worked for GUBI

Brand Alignment across all channels 

VOCAST offered a content management system that was aligned with the brand’s universe:

“What VOCAST has that a normal DAM system hasn’t is this combination of unique features. It makes perfect sense to have your B2B content, press releases, contacts, and data integrated all together. For what VOCAST delivers, it delivers it excellently.”

Better control

Having control of who sees what, and who has access to certain parts of the digital showroom was also a vital part of GUBI. For internal launchings, areas needed to be restricted while other parts needed to be open with content readily available. Jesper explains:


“VOCAST is able to include login-protected areas for extra control over our valued assets, which was crucial for us.”

How GUBI implemented the platform

Take ownership

Before getting to the point of final implementation and usage it was crucial to initiate a big push when launching the image bank:

“VOCAST is an easy tool, but you have to take ownership if you want it to be good for the customers. It’s more intricate than a DAM system, here you have to think about design, a tagging structure, how to organize your image bank, how to make sure your partners and the press will use it, etc…”

Digital Product Launches  

Speaking of brilliant, Jesper has found an efficient way to communicate on their new digital showroom and push usage during their product launches:


“Beforehand, we would introduce new products during the fairs, people would come, see and feel new furniture. Normally we would never introduce tools during product launches, but it did matter and make sense this time – we had the audience and we decided to take advantage of that. After introducing all these wonderful products we thought our partners would probably ask themselves: hey, where can I get all this  information?”


Digital product launches have become more common because of the pandemic. For GUBI, these new virtual product launches sometimes gathered over 1,100 viewers worldwide at the same time:

“With virtual launches, you need to make sure they have all the information they need, you need to be very focused on your communication and your B2B content needs to be excellent.”

Pointing them to a platform such as VOCAST allows GUBI to maintain control over their brand awareness towards their stakeholders. 

The do’s of implementing a digital showroom:

Take ownership, take the initiative to educate your team and your sales representatives on how to use VOCAST and implement the solution.

Send a newsletter every second week with product information and a story to keep the ball rolling.

Implement a how-to-use section on the platform to help your partners and press.

Pass on the knowledge within your team regarding the platform's most used features and which are most critical tasks.

Go simple with the structure and what you want to achieve at first.

GUBI is a renowned Danish design house notable for designing elegant collections of furniture and interior objects that resonate across the world. Based in Copenhagen’s docklands, GUBI’s showroom and HQ span 2000 square-meter space, while their 400-square-meter flagship store is located in the heart of Copenhagen’s shopping district. These two locations are the principal visual representation of the brand which sells products in over 180 stores across the world in North America, Europe, and Asia.

Let’s get digital

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Ines is the Research and Marketing Manager at VOCAST.  She previously worked in the beauty industry and is now an expert in social media and digital marketing. Every day she helps design-driven brands navigate digital trends and carry out their marketing and brand strategies effortlessly.


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