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Welcome to the land of Moomins and saunas, where nature, design, and happiness reign supreme. Helsinki, the capital, is home to art and design. The city’s aesthetic pride is evident in every corner, from the architecture to the fashion. With a host of artists, designers, and new studio spaces flooding the city, Helsinki has become a city of new ideas. And let’s not forget about the saunas – a vital part of everyday life for Finns, and an essential way to unwind and relax. With millions of saunas spread throughout the country, you’ll find them in the most unexpected places, from lakeside cabins to trendy urban spas.

If you are looking to conquer the Finnish lifestyle market, there are a few key values and characteristics that you should keep in mind. From a strong sense of national identity to a deep appreciation for nature and design, the Finnish market offers a unique set of opportunities and challenges for brands looking to make their mark.

Appreciation towards design and sustainability

Finland is home to some iconic brands, such as Marimekko, Iittala, and Artek, that are known worldwide. The Finnish design ethos is characterized by simplicity, minimalism, functionality, and quality. Good craftsmanship is highly valued, and designers create products that are not only visually appealing but also well-made and durable. Finnish design is known for its ability to seamlessly blend practicality, beauty, and function.

Finns deeply appreciate design, and this is reflected in the way they interact with products in their daily lives. Sustainability and a love for nature are also highly valued in Finland. The “Everyman’s rights” law allows people to venture into the wilderness, as long as they respect nature. Finland is home to the world’s largest archipelago, with over 80,000 islands, and nature has had a profound impact on Finnish art, making it an essential aspect of a high-quality life. Moreover, around 70 percent of Finns are willing to pay a premium price for sustainable products, demonstrating a strong commitment to environmental conservation.

How to engage with the Finns

If you have ever interacted with a Finnish person, you may have noticed their aversion to small talk. Don’t be mistaken, it’s not because they are uninterested or rude. Good manners are a cornerstone of Finnish culture, where taking others into account and avoiding flashy behavior in favor of diligence are highly valued.

Finnish people also have a self-deprecating sense of humor, often using it to bond with others. Initially, Finnish people may seem reserved, but once they warm up to you, they reveal their sincere, caring, and warm nature. Individualism is highly valued in Finnish society, and so is “sisu.” Sisu is a concept that encompasses perseverance and determination, allowing people to overcome adversities in life. It’s the backbone, drive, and courage that enables one to see things through to the end, and it’s a quality that is deeply admired in Finland.


Familiarize yourself with the Finnish media landscape

Included in VOCAST’s Finnish curated lists

Finnish Influencer Scene

It’s no secret that the influencer phenomenon has taken the world by storm, and Finland is no exception. In fact, the country boasts a thriving influencer scene, with micro-influencers emerging as prominent figures across social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

Finnish influencers often have a multi-channel presence. Many of these influencers have honed their content creation skills over several years, making them experts at crafting engaging and authentic content that resonates with their followers. But it’s not just lifestyle content that Finnish influencers are known for. Many have also taken on the role of social commentators, using their platforms to spread factual information and participate in social debates.

It’s no wonder that so many of their followers see them as sources of vital societal information and insights. In some cases, these influencers have even crossed over into mainstream celebrity status, a testament to their power and influence in contemporary Finnish society.

Sandra Hagelstam

Sandra Hagelstam is a prominent fashion influencer and the founder of the renowned online platform 5 Inch And Up, dedicated to celebrating the world of designer footwear. As Vogue Scandinavia’s esteemed shoe expert, she shares her expertise by analyzing the latest runway trends and providing valuable insights to her followers.


Sofia Ruutu

Sofia Ruutu, a Finnish fashion influencer and a former model, has established herself as a prominent figure in the fashion industry. She is known for her classical and feminine style.

Simon Nygard

Simon Nygard is a Finnish fashion influencer, model, and designer, currently based in Paris. His style is known for its genderless qualities, as he defies traditional gender roles and preconceived notions of aesthetics. 

Roosa Rahkonen

Roosa Rahkonen has made a name for herself by not only sharing her passion for fashion and beauty but also by advocating for human rights and mental health. With her platform, she creates a safe space for important conversations surrounding diverse topics such as gender and sexuality.

Valkoinen Harmaja

Valkoinen Harmaja is a interior account by Suvi Melender-Lågland. Suvi has created a space where she shares her passion for timeless and modern interior design, with a touch of warmth. Through her blog, she offers valuable insights into the world of interior design, sharing tips and tricks on how to create a beautiful, timeless, and functional home.


Exploring the media landscape in Finland: A look at Print and Online Publications

The media landscape in Finland is small, with a reduced number of fashion magazines available. While digitalization has impacted the number of fashion and lifestyle magazines available, there is still a significant emphasis on traditional print media. Nonetheless, a few large publishing houses, such as Sanoma Media and A-lehdet, own many magazines available, with editors managing multiple publications at once.

Have a look at some of the Finnish fashion and interior magazines – and editors below.

Fashion magazines

Gloria, Trendi, and Anna are some of the most popular fashion magazines in Finland. Find these and more on our curated lists.

Home Interior Magazines

You can find a number of home interior magazines, including Koti ja Keittiö, Glorian Koti and Deko on our curated lists, among others.

Meet some of the editors

Mari Karsikas

Mari Karsikas is the editor-in-chief for Trendi magazine.

Kristiina Raitala

Kristiina Raitala is the editor-in-chief for Gloria magazine.

Emma Koivula

Emma Koivula is the editor-in-chief for Anna magazine.

Venla Kujakallio

Venla Kujakallio is the editor-in-chief for Glorian Koti and Matka magazines.

Sari Hannikainen

Sari Hannikainen is the managing editor for Eeva and Kauneus & Terveys magazines.

To get access to the Finnish curated lists of these Magazines, Influencers, Editors-in-chiefs, Editors, and more:


Anna Lohikoski is the Finnish Market Coordinator at VOCAST, responsible for the Finnish Lifestyle and News Media research.



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