Denmark: Why and how to conquer the lifestyle market

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VOCAST has been curating lists for the Danish Fashion and Home Interior sectors for many years. Due to the relevance of conquering the Danish Market for all lifestyle brands. Danes value design, quality, transparency – and the storytelling of a brand. With a strong national identity and pride in Danish Design – the Danes love to support the brands that differentiate on both design and histories. 

Find a recap of important things to know about the market. Here is why and how you should go about conquering the Danish Lifestyle Market:

Quality over quantity

Danes are born and raised surrounded by nothing but quality. The Danish design heritage and excellent quality are, for that reason, very important. Offer a Dane vintage and long-lasting styles, with a modern and casual twist – and you will have their heart. The quality of lifestyle is important to the Danes too, and Denmark takes great pride in their welfare state. Doing business in the Danish Market is built on trust, actually, everything the Danes do is built on trust – trust is a key value in the Danish culture. Honesty and a strong relation with your collaborating partners is expected in Denmark.

Keep it cool and casual

Danes are in general highly educated and well informed. But, there is no need to be formal when approaching a Dane, they are known for their informality. Humor is the key to get the attention of Danes – don’t forget they have been awarded the title of the happiest country in the world multiple times. At the same time, Danes love efficiency so keep the casual approach, but don’t get slobby – Danes have deadlines, and they will follow them!

The pride of Danishness

Danishness” – a core value for Danish people. The Danes take great pride in being Danish and the ideology of Danishness – they tend to almost worship the culture and their design. It might be due to the fact that Denmark is such a small country, that the national identity has to be at its highest. ‘Danish Design’ is a value stamp for Danes, and many feel supportive of their fellow Danes. So when it comes to the Danish market, bear in mind that everything you do has to align with the Danish culture and value-set. The Danes may commute by bike and value practicality in their homes and outfits, but that does not mean they will ever downgrade on design nor on quality.


Get acquainted with the Danish media landscape

Included in VOCAST’s Danish curated lists


A rich influencer scene

The Danish influencer scene is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, with respect for the Danish values of quality and design. Denmark is the most daring country in Scandinavia in regard to color and pattern mixing. This is clearly shown when browsing through the landscape of Danish lifestyle influencers. The fact that Denmark is quite a small country can be an advantage for up & coming influencers since it is possible to quickly move up the ladder and achieve a quite big following. With that said, the Danish Influencer market is constantly evolving, with new profiles arising weekly. You can always find a Danish influencer matching your brand values and aesthetics.

Pernille Teisbæk

Pernille is one of Denmarks Fashion Influencers with the highest following on Instagram. Pernille Teisbæk has 1M followers and is working as a Stylist and Creative Director.

Cathrine de Lichtenberg

Cathrine is a Danish Home Interior Influencer with 71,3K followers on Instagram, surrounded by a rainbow of colors wherever she goes.

Emili Sindlev

Emili is a Danish Fashion Influencer with around 600K followers on Instagram, living the Copenhagen life. You will always see her incorporate a hint of neon in her urban-street-chic outfits.

Michael Schmidt

Michael is a Danish Interior Influencer, with a following of 26K on Instagram. His profile is showcasing the essence of Danish design, with high-quality minimalism and a splash of color.



Ella Karberg

Ella is a Danish Fashion Influencer with a following of 194K on Instagram, representing the younger part of the Fashion industry with a playful and colorful style.




Key publishing houses

Denmark has a long-standing design history affecting the publishing landscape, consisting of multiple magazines addressing various spectrums of Danish design and fashion.

As Denmark is a small country, with a small media landscape – you will find a few key publishing houses holding the most important lifestyle magazines:

Aller Media

Aller Media is the leading publisher of magazines and weeklies in Denmark, holding publications such as ELLE, Femina, IN, Mad & Bolig og Dossier.

Story House Egmont

Egmont is one of the leading Nordic media companies, holding publications such as Eurowoman, Euroman, ALT for Damerne, BoligLiv & RUM.

Bonnier Publications

Bonnier Publications is holding a wide portfolio of inspiring publications, including Bo Bedre, Bolig Magasinet, COSTUME, COSTUME Living, iForm, Liv, Woman, and more.


Meet some of the editors

Cecilie Ingdal

Cecilie Ingdal is the Editor-in-Chief at ELLE Denmark and has been since the publication of the magazine. 


Anne Lose

Anne Lose is the Editor-in-Chief at Eurowoman Denmark & RUM Interior Design. 


Barbara Gullstein

Barbara W. Gullstein is the Senior Fashion Director at Eurowoman & Euroman Denmark. 


Sophia Roe

Sophia Roe is the newly announced Danish Fashion Editor at Vogue Scandinavia. 



To get access to the Danish curated lists of these Magazines, Influencers, Stylists, Editors-in-chief, Editors, and more


Image: Copenhagen Fashion Week Image Bank.

Sarah is the Lifestyle Researcher for the Danish market at VOCAST. She is very passionate about the fashion industry and along with her work at VOCAST she studies Communication at Copenhagen Business School.





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