Cracking TikTok’s Trend Code: How Brands Can Flourish on TikTok

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In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, TikTok stands out as a dynamic platform where trends rise and fall in the blink of an eye. For brands, aiming to make their mark in this digital space and navigating TikTok trends and aesthetics while staying true to their brand identity presents a considerable challenge. The question therefore arises: How can brands effectively leverage the power of TikTok trends without compromising their authenticity?

Drawing from expert insights and industry perspectives, we will explore the delicate balance between embracing TikTok trends and preserving brand integrity. We will also highlight why it is important to grant content creators creative freedom within brand partnerships, building genuine connections with the community. 

To understand why keeping up with and mastering new TikTok trends and aesthetics is crucial, VOCAST interviewed LOAD Creatives, a creative marketing agency based in Copenhagen, as well as Mathilde Ravn and Caroline Stordal, two Copenhagen-based trendsetting content creators.

Meet the interviewees: LOAD Creatives, Mathilde Ravn and Caroline Stordal

LOAD Creatives is a 360° Creative Marketing Agency connecting brands to consumers of the digital age. They are located in Copenhagen but work globally within Europe and the US. They specialize in all areas of social media management, PR, influencer marketing, content creation, and talent management to ensure fashion and lifestyle brands optimize their influence. Find more content from LOAD Creatives on Instagram and TikTok.

Mathilde is a full-time content creator living in Copenhagen. She loves sharing her daily life around Copenhagen, her routines, self-care tips, and of course content revolving around the “Scandi girl” aesthetic, including daily outfits on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.



Caroline is a lifestyle content creator based in Copenhagen. Some of you might know her as the “Copenhagen Girlie”. She loves sharing her day to day life working in fashion, doodle time, outfit ideas, and easy breakfast recipes on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube.

A fast-moving platform

TikTok has emerged as a driving force in the fashion industry, characterized by its rapid evolution of trends and aesthetics. With over 1 billion monthly active users globally, the platform has become a hub for fashion enthusiasts, offering a dynamic space for style inspiration and creativity. Statistics show the astounding pace at which TikTok fashion trends emerge, with new styles, aesthetics, and challenges surfacing almost daily. Research indicates that the vast majority of the users engage with fashion-related content, highlighting the platform’s influence on consumer behavior and style preferences. Betina Ask (Commercial Director & Co-owner) and Cathrine Urhammer (Creative Director & Co-owner) from LOAD Creatives, express that being on top of the current trends is crucial to be adaptable to the ever-changing TikTok trends and aesthetics:

“As an agency we closely monitor the everlasting changes in the TikTok landscape, in order to be on top of the current trends. We stay agile and adaptable and by encouraging our team to stay updated on the latest trending sounds, videos etc. we can figure out the most optimal strategy and secure growth on our profile.”


Additionally, Betina and Cathrine also mention that experimenting with different content formats and concepts is essential to keep up with emerging TikTok trends and aesthetics, as this enables them to perceive what their community wants, and therefore to pivot their strategy and creative approach:

“TikTok is a platform where you constantly need to stay ahead of the game.”


Photo credit: Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23, Tonya Matyu

Insider’s perspective

Content creators on TikTok navigate brand partnerships amidst a landscape of constantly evolving trends and aesthetics. To thrive in these collaborations, they require brands to provide flexibility and creative freedom, allowing them to authentically integrate products or messages into their unique style and content. Caroline points out how crucial it is for brands to deliver clear and detailed briefs that outline expectations, while still allowing content creators to have room to maintain their personal touch:

“I do like a really good brief. I like a specific brief where you have creative freedom as well, because I also want to do the job well. And, of course, there will be changes along the way.”


Brands should also invest time in understanding the influencer’s style, audience, and values before reaching out. This ensures a natural alignment and enhances the authenticity of the partnership. Open communication and a clear understanding of mutual goals are essential, as is timely support and resources to keep pace with TikTok’s fast-changing environment. By cultivating genuine relationships, respecting creative autonomy, and knowing the content creators well, brands can create successful partnerships that resonate with TikTok’s perceptive and trend-conscious audience. Mathilde explains that there should be a balance between the brand’s needs and the content creator’s creativity: 

“The brand needs to have an idea of where they see their product, as it then is a lot easier to figure out a way to make it work, and make both parties happy.”


As Caroline mentioned, this direct line of communication fosters a sense of connection and authenticity, leading to stronger relationships and increased loyalty. Also, the comment section serves as a treasure trove of ideas, sparking new content concepts and trends. By embracing this interactive approach, creators can transform viewer input into engaging and relevant content, enriching their TikTok presence and cultivating a vibrant and engaged community.

“I think it’s really important to engage with your community. Also, because TikTok is very community based and there lies a lot of content creation ideas in the comment field. So get inspired and see what could potentially work and create a sense of closeness with the community.”


Mathilde also highlighted the importance of carefully choosing the trends you decide to join, as not all of them will match your style of content creation. If you suddenly change the direction of your profile, viewers can be quite surprised.

“I definitely don’t think that you should hop on everything, I think that can maybe make your audience a bit confused of what they can expect from you.”


Photo credit: Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23, Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir

Let’s talk authenticity & Brand identity

In the fast-paced world of TikTok, maintaining authenticity and a strong brand identity is significant for brands aiming to resonate with the platform’s diverse and perceptive audience. TikTok users, particularly younger demographics, value genuine and relatable content, and can quickly notice inauthentic efforts. Betina and Cathrine mention that striking a balance between staying true to the brand’s identity and message whilst incorporating emerging trends and aesthetics is a core part of their work with brand partnerships on TikTok:

“We believe in collaborating closely with our brand partners to understand their goals and values, and then infuse our creativity to create engaging TikTok content. We value creative freedom in our collaborations, allowing us to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the table.”


Caroline also mentions that creating content on TikTok is not solely about making aesthetically pleasing content, but is also about portraying snapshots of reality:

“There needs to be content that is not only aesthetically pleasing, and trying to sell a product, reality insights and content that portrays the behind the scenes of a TikTok partnership is valuable.”


By showcasing their true personality and engaging with the community in an authentic manner, brands can foster deeper connections and stand out in a crowded digital landscape. Authenticity not only enhances credibility but also drives meaningful engagement, ensuring that brand messages are not just seen but genuinely embraced by the TikTok community. When talking about authenticity, Mathilde also shares that making content that endorses authenticity is key to the performance of a TikTok Brand partnership.

“A TikTok partnership really has to feel natural to the audience, and then it will just perform better”


To achieve success on TikTok, Betina and Cathrine from LOAD Creatives recommend brands to embrace authenticity whilst actively engaging with their TikTok community. When looking at the most successful TikTok creators, Betina and Cathrine point out that having a strong and cohesive content-making concept is key. Additionally, agility is crucial and brands must not only adapt to trends but producing engaging and relatable content for their community is a must to gain success on TikTok whilst staying true to your brand identity:

“It is essential to stay agile, adapt quickly to trends, and create content that is relatable and engaging for the audience. Collaborating with experienced agencies or content creators who understand the platform can also help lifestyle brands navigate the dynamic TikTok environment, and is definitely something to consider in order to get the best results.”


Crack the code

Key focal points and partnership advice to navigate and adapt TikTok trends and aesthetics to your branding.

  • Be up to date with the current major fashion trends.
  • Avoid jumping on every trend, and instead focus on staying true to your brand identity.
  • Before selecting content creators, be sure to research their content creation style, in order to pick a relevant and matching profile to your brand.
  • When reaching out to content creators, make sure to have a clear brief while still allowing space for their own creativity.
  • Experiment with various kinds of TikTok content-making concepts before finding the concepts that work the best to your brand identity.

Meet the TikTok Trendsetters Across Markets

Our team of international researchers has gathered rising TikTok trendsetters from each market. Take a look below:


Birta is an Icelandic content creator based in Copenhagen. As one of TikTok’s “Scandi girls, Birta shares snapshots of her life in Copenhagen through vlogs, cooking videos, and clothing hauls.


Lovisa is a Swedish content creator with a large following on Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Whilst also being known for her podcast “Måndagsvibe” Lovisa is also known for sharing pictures of her daily life as a mom and lifestyle content creator.


Lulia is a Norwegian influencer and student living in Oslo. She shares content about her daily life and fashion on Tiktok and Instagram, and her early 2000s, “Y2K” sense of style.


Linda is a Finnish fashion content creator currently based in London. Linda’s fashion philosophy revolves around the idea that less is more. Her wardrobe is a curated collection of well-fitting, high-quality staple pieces, emphasizing the beauty of minimalism. Each outfit she shares tells a story of elegance and timelessness.


Cara alias adorable caro is a German content creator, podcast host and entrepreneur. She creates podcast around fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Caro founded her own clothing brand ninety nine to empower and embrace femininity and confidence.

The Netherlands

Sylvana is an Amsterdam-based lifestyle content creator, with a passion for self-care. On her TikTok, Sylvana shares snapshots of her daily life such as shopping moments and travelling.


Elise is a Belgian model and  content creator based in Antwerp and Amsterdam. In recent months, Elise has gained a large following on TikTok for sharing bits of her life such as travel and beauty tips.


Anaïs is a French fashion content creator. She is passionated about fashion, and owns a TikTok account dedicated to showing how she styles her daily outfits. Alongside TikTok, Anaïs is also an influencer on Instagram and Youtube.

The UK

Amelia is a blog run by London-based Amelia herself. Her previous work as a beauty editor of Suitcase magazine and Cosmopolitan’s resident beauty vlogger helps her to produce content which is informative, practical and stylist.


Ginevra Mavilla is a Generation Z fashion influencer and digital creator. Her loyal and young fanbase makes her one of the most influential profiles in the fashion industry of her generation. Ginevra creates content related to high fashion and attends all the main fashion events in Italy.

The US

Morgan is an American lifestyle and fashion content creator based in California. She shares aesthetically pleasing photos from her life as well as fashion tips. Morgan is quickly rising within the online fashion community and was recently an attendee of the Ganni fashion show in Summer 2023.

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Image credit: Copenhagen Fashion Week AW23, Bryndis Thorsteinsdottir

Lavinia is the Media Researcher for the Italian market at VOCAST. She is currently taking a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration and Digital Management at Copenhagen Business School. She is passionate about ballet, music and many other forms of art.

Ema is the Media Researcher for the French and the Belgian market at VOCAST. She grew up in Brussels and previously worked with fashion PR. She has a master’s degree in international development and business and has a strong interest in sustainable and ethical practices within the fashion industry.




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