5 Marketing Trends to keep an eye out for in 2019


Our first blogpost of the new year will help break down those marketing trends foreseen to skyrocket in 2019. After weeks of getting lost in the web and scaling down on business sites and marketing gurus, grasping all the marketing trends being proclaimed did show a few common trends. Here are the five trends you can’t ignore this year. 

1. Content Marketing with a purpose. Don’t post just to post.

First of all, digital content marketing is at its core. Keeping you connected and keeping your community alive. Content marketing was not always at the forefront for brands and their marketing plan. With a prediction that it will grow into new heights, Forbes mentions, “this year will be the acceleration of content marketing. Furthermore, even some marketing gurus are bold enough to say that content marketing is marketing today.

Building your brand can be captivating — when putting the effort to great content. Are you consequently pushing out content on social media for the sake of just pushing out content? Well, you might have to take a step back. According to Social Media Today, “you need to find that sweet spot. Where you can ideate, create and publish content that both serves your audience incredible value in a personal and meaningful way, as well helps you achieve your goals. This is not going to come as easy as it may have in prior years.”

So above all, create content with a purpose. Your personal presence is always meaningful and that is what should give high activity ratings.


2. Be Personal and Authentic

Putting out authentic and personal content is the factor that will separate your brand from the competition this year. People tend to put trust in content they can relate to, more so than in a generic ad. 

With the growing presence of marketing automation and technology, it’s easy to lose touch with your community.  Yes, automation and bots are here to stay. Hence, it helps you to scale more efficiently, take better decisions and save money. However, in this fast forward marketing development, it’s easy to lose the personal touch with your community. So helpfulness and personalization in your marketing might be more necessary than ever.

Studies show that 78% of consumers value content relevant to their personal lives so much that it can even increase their likelihood to make a purchase. In 2019, your marketing team should create content personalized to the wants and needs of individual consumers. When your target consumer experiences tailored content just for them, their mindset will shift from that of a one-time customer to a brand ambassador. Get on the trend by getting personal with your marketing plan.


3. Brands take a stand

The third marketing trend that will be important in 2019 is to have a voice. Customers want their favorite brands to take a stand and speak up for a cause they believe in. First of all, societal and political issues are being of greater importance than ever, consumers are putting their faith in you as a brand to have a voice and make a change. Whether shopping for a bar of soap or a pair of sneakers, consumers are weighing a brand’s principle as much as their products.

In 2018, an Edleman Earned Brand study revealed that 64% of consumers bought based on beliefs, an increase of 13% from 2017. Belief-driven buyers will choose a brand based on where it stands on political or social issues that the consumer cares about. So be sure to know where your brand stands on social issues. If your brand doesn’t have an opinion, the consumers of 2019 may be more inclined to chose the brand that does.


4. Utilize local influencers with modest followings

Of course, influencer marketing is not a new concept, but identifying a set of “local heroes” that can be your brand ambassador is. These influencers are near and dear to your brand, with lower followings and a voice that directly reflects the mind of your target customer. Even with your large budget and global e-commerce business – chances are your marketing efforts should hit close to home.

Being endorsed by macro influencers and celebrities may seem like the best choice, but these promotions are often drowned out and short-lived. Micro influencers have the potential to reach their community in a personal and effective way. By partnering up with them while they are up & coming your brand has the potential to create long-term campaigns and promotions.

Unsure of who you should collaborate with? Click here to read our blog post where our international in-house curators have predicted the up & coming influencers to keep an eye out for this year.


5. Video

Video content has been predicted to be the most successful format for content marketing in 2019. However, it is a format we yet have to see brands take advantage of. Video production can seem like a difficult and scary task for an inexperienced videographer, but keep in mind that they do not always need to be well produced. So why not try it out? Do a Q&A, a tour of the office or let consumers get a glimpse of the design process when creating next years collection.

Videos have always been a popular content format, but these days it’s all the rage. No wonder though, the online video directly drives better engagement. Hence it gives higher response rate, and is believed that 80% off all internet traffic will be video by 2019. Customers, shoppers and viewers love to feel that personal connection with a brand that comes off from the off-the-cut content. Isn´t that the perfect way to start fostering brand loyalty?   


To prove this statement, Deposit Photo has provided these stats on why you should give the video a go:


  • 87% of marketers use video content in their marketing strategies.
  • Mentioning the word video in the subject line of your email campaign increases the open rate by 19%.
  • Video in your landing page is capable of increasing conversations by 80%.
  • 90% of customers say videos help make buying decisions.
  • 64% of clients often buy a product online after watching a video about it.

Elisabeth is the Norwegian Market Coordinator at VOCAST. She has a BA in Innovation & Entrepreneurship, which she put to the test by running her own fashion brand in Norway. When she’s not at VOCAST multitasking between content making, research and the Norwegian market, Elisabeth is a photographer and is currently exploring her newfound passion for making ceramics.



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