Our Top Picks: the Micro-Influencers you should know about


Micro-Influencers have slowly established themselves into traditional marketing strategies: a trend we anticipate to rise in 2019. With so many influencers out there, it can be a challenge to find the perfect fit for your brand. We have hand-picked those who’ll make some waves in the new year; they have a keen eye for design, create great content and regularly engage with their followers. 

Why implement Micro-Influencers into your marketing plan?

While the word ‘micro’ usually refers to something minimal, there is nothing small-scaled about micro-influencers. In comparison to macro-influencers who dominate social media and #advertise for the mast-lux brands, micro-influencers reach a targeted and niche audience, suitable for independent brands.

These up and coming influencers might have a modestly sized audience, but that is also their strength. What matters is the relationship between an influencer and their loyal followers. If you prefer hitting a niche audience, why not give them a shot? Who knows who your next brand ambassador will be.

We think this could be a match made in viral heaven, don’t you? See our slideshows below, where we share our favorite picks within the home interior and fashion segments.


Our top picks for Home & Interior Micro-Influencers:


An Interior Affair, the brainchild of Swedish Lovisa Häger, is definitively the interior design influencer to keep an eye on in 2019. Going from posting about her DIY projects in 2015 to designing and releasing her collection of sustainable interior pieces in 2018, she inspires her followers with her never-ending creativity and elevated Scandinavian aesthetic.

Lovisa’s ”An Interior Affair” is bound to become a household name for interior design lovers in 2019.


“Our Sweet Living” is an Instagram account created by Laura Wolters covering all topics about furnishing, living, design and her two adorable cats. On her blog, Laura focuses on how to decorate and organize her cozy apartment. Laura’s great style, sympathetic voice, and interest in Scandinavian design have quickly earned her a successful Instagram presence with a loyal following.


With a minimalistic aesthetic and a weakness for the seventies, interior designer, Elisabeth Ønseth is a true believer in sustainability, forever mixing new and vintage items. The consistency of her content, perfect placement of furniture and her way with material and colors, has earned her way into BoBedre and other features. 


Haley Weidenbaum is an American home and interior influencer with a passion for all things design. She has a growing following on her Instagram account, which is home to her clean-cut aesthetic with bright whites, creams, and pastels. Ever on the rise and with an interior design business of her own, she has been featured in renowned magazines such as Elle Decor, Vogue and Refinery 2. Hayley is an influencer to watch out for!


An Instagram couple, Caroline and Anthony, already well established within the fashion sphere are now making their interior debut with a dream home renovation project. Follow their journey from day one and be inspired by their personal and recurring style. We are excited to see even more from “Our New Home” and believe 2019 will be their year!


Voted one of British Vogue’s top 10 interior Instagram accounts in 2017, Swedish yet London-based blogger Melia Malmquist is on the rise and one to watch. Alongside offering creative coaching for individuals and businesses, Melia pens the blog, Contemporary life. With a distinctive Scandinavian perspective and a Londoner’s twist, Melia explores the fundamental idea of home and how your home can improve your well-being to help you lead a more balanced and mindful life.


Dorien Dolsma and Jitske Hagens founded Wij zijn kees, a multidisciplinary creative studio specialized in styling, photography, identity and branding. Creating minimalist content with a less is more mindset it reminds you of Scandinavian style. They might not be your typical influencers but since they share the content they create for all the different brands they work with, they’ve created an inspiring Instagram feed. They embrace the ability of colors and structures to tell a story, and that is clearly visual in everything they share.

Our top picks for Fashion Micro-Influencers:


With a big love for bold patterns and colors, Fanny inspires her followers with her playful and trendy style. She’s naturally creative and sure knows how to make a fashion statement. Just recently, Leandra Medine (yes, the Leandra Medine of ManRepeller) reposted a photo of Fanny’s to her feed, complimenting her on how she styled her hair. If that’s not cool, then we don’t know what is. Asides from running a podcast with her bestie Viola, Fanny runs her bag brand and vlogs. This girl recently designed a capsule collection for Swedish brand AVAVAV-Firenze, and we think that there are no heights this girl can’t reach. 


With a background in online personal shopping and styling, Bettina Looney is now harnessing the power of her social media platforms and her status as a micro influencer to speak to targeted demographics beyond the familiar polished and somewhat unattainable Instagram imagery. Bettina’s Instagram following hits a sweet spot at 40k and consists of style-conscious individuals hailing from the fashion capitals of the world, allowing her to work in a more organic and controlled way to introduce products and pieces she supports.


Katerina Petrovic is the new rising star from Norway, that should be on your radar. Her minimalistic, though sharp sense for aesthetic, has made her become a new favorite to capture, during the fashion weeks. Featured in several magazines, regrammed by the French designer Jacquemus, and being one of the bloggers for the Swedish magazine Styleby; is only a few things that this girl has accomplished during this year. We believe 2019, will definitively be her year.


Robin Balou is the type of girl you’d like to hang out with at a party. With her background as an art student her style is vibrant and a bit crazy. She is using her graphic design skill to lift her Instagram feed to a new level with funny photo edits. Robin produces hilarious captions with loads of clever puns to go with her lively feed.


Tarah Kruetz is a unique combination of SoCal beach chic meets NYC socialite. Her distinct and developing sense of style makes her a great influencer in the fashion scene, as we are never sure what look she will come up with next.


This colorful and stylish young lady is well-known as the personal assistant for style icon Emili Sindlev. But Frederikke might have some of the same skills according to styling and the way she manages to mix colors and patterns in her looks – she is not afraid to play a little and think outside the box. She recently got back from Krabbesholm Højskole where she was studying design. We sure believe to see a lot more from Frederikke and her inspiring style in the new year. Right now you might spot her hanging on posters around the city as she’s among the chosen candidates for the By Malene Birger X Mødrehjælpen campaign – so remember to keep an eye on her!


After several years working as a beauty editor for some of the most prominent fashion magazines in Germany like ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar, Karoline Herr has started her fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog “Frollein Herr.”  In her blog, Karoline reports on fashion news, trend reports, diary entries and selected bits n pieces that reach way beyond what you would find in glossy magazines. Her style can be described somewhere between minimalism and maximalism, between high street and high fashion, aesthetics in a multifaceted nature.




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