How to break through to the Swedes


Is it time to enter Sweden? As always before approaching a new market, it is best to do some research on how that particular country works. In this blog post we will provide you with some typical Swedish characteristics, along with intel on how to break through to the Swedish market, so get ready to speak lagom*. 

All the way up in the northern hemisphere lays Sweden, the small country with big aspirations. From producing ABBA and IKEA, fika and smörgåsbord, among lots of innovative inventions or even fashion brands; Sweden prides itself with being one of the most equal and environmentally friendly countries in the world.

The country is fond of its traditions – ranging from celebrating Lucia and Christmas in the winter, to dancing the night away in flower crowns on midsommar or slurping crayfish in the summer.

All of these things are part of shaping the Swedish market. Watch the video (interview takes place with our former Swedish Researcher) to find out more about how to approach Swedish people and why it is important to keep conversations light, a.k.a why Swedes love to talk about the weather. 

Another important thing to know when approaching the market is that Swedes love meetings. As it is very important in the Swedish society to let everyone be heard, meetings have become the way to go about when doing business. Some even have meetings about having meetings – how meta is that?
Swedes generally have a love for nature. The country even has a special law making sure that everyone is free to go wherever they want, may that be forests or beaches, mountains or fields. This explains why Sweden cares for businesses that acquire a sustainable standard and ”slow business” is all the rage. If you want to approach the market, make sure your company is green.

Another tip for reaching out is knowing that shopping in Sweden, has for many, evolved into being client focused. Many brands today strive for customers to have a good experience while shopping, this being by adding personal service, turning shops into showrooms or by investing in e-commerce or AR. All in all, if you approach Swedes with a positive and thought provocative mindset – you will be in the loop of their lagom.


*Lagom is a way of describing when something is not too much nor too little but just right.


Linnea is the Swedish Curator at VOCAST. She grew up in Malmö and Shanghai, and has a Bachelors Degree in Strategic Communication along with a big passion for everything creative or dance-related.


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