The right way to conquer the German market


Germany is one of the major economies within Europe with a population of over 82 million and a German-speaking media market of over 100 million people; including Austria, large parts of Switzerland, as well as German-speaking minorities in Belgium, Luxembourg and even Denmark. We have gathered the most important facts to help pave the way in entering a relevant market.

With more than 85% of adult German online users, social networks and online publications are becoming a great marketing tool to target consumers. We’ve handpicked and curated lists of German mass media, sharing from online publications to niche Influencers – to make sure your message reaches the right people. Gain insight into their landscape, major social media trends and the best way to address Germans. Check out our video, where Jens Hamborg Koefoed, Co-founder of VOCAST, chats with Vanessa, our German Fashion & Design Curator.

Finding the right network

Have you had trouble locating those right editors on LinkedIn? Might be because Germany has its own business network called XING. And because XING has been around longer than LinkedIn, most likely you will find German professionals there. In general, brands cannot expect to get the same results from their social media campaigns as in other markets. Germans continue to catch up with all social channels. Online publications have a wide reach, like brigitte.de with more than 6,5 million unique users, and many German influencers reach up to over 3 million followers on Instagram. Another quick tip to know on how to approach those niche influencers or someone in the market – we recommend being direct and accurate when reaching out. No loose ends or they might lose interest quick.

Top 5 social media channels*:

  1. Facebook (31 million)
  2. Instagram (17 million)
  3. XING (13 million)
  4. LinkedIn (10 million)
  5. YouTube (6 million)

*Ranked by socialmedia-institute based on numbers of active users

Vanessa Windhaus - Conquer the German market

Vanessa, who is our German fashion and interior curator, has been with VOCAST since October 2016. Holding a background in Fashion design and online marketing, she has worked for several fashion and lifestyle brands like Baum und Pferdgarten, Noa Noa and L’Oréal. If you have any questions about the German market, reach out to Vanessa at vanessa@vocast.com


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