The first step into Finland


Saunas, beautiful landscapes and winter sports all spring to mind when thinking of Finland. But where to begin when it comes to entering the Finnish market? Let us help you ease into the country with the following insights:


Cultural Behavior in Finland

  • Finland is a bilingual country, therefore don’t be surprised if you encounter Swedish media outlets.
  • Finns are generally a fairly relaxed and easygoing people. Use a person’s full name upon a first encounter and for a bonus character enhancer, so why not throw in their title. In more informal situations, it’s common to stick to a first-name basis.
  • Words are highly valued and thoughtfully chosen in Finland, hence why silence is a natural part of their communication, and not to be interpreted as awkwardness. As the Finnish proverb says: “Take a man by his words and a bull by its horns.” So add meaning to your words, and skip the small talk.
  • In Finland, you will quickly find that gender equality is the norm, where the word hän in third person singular refers to both genders.

Navigate Finland’s media landscape

Statista.com provides the statistics on social media daily usage in Finland. The Social Media ranking goes by Facebook as number one, followed by Whats App, Instagram and then SnapChat. 


Design and Architecture: a Finnish aesthetic

Design and functionality are crucial to the Finnish way of living. The ode to craftsmanship, as well as a strong heritage in design are ever-present in all details within the country’s infrastructure. Whether its Alvar Alto’s cutlery, Marimekko’s textiles or Artek’s furniture, there is big emphasis on functionality and beautiful craftsmanship. This sentiment extends to public transport, city planning, architecture and industrial design. 

See below for our favorite Finnish home interior bloggers, handpicked to give you a sneak-peek into the uniquely Finnish way of living.










  • Voted as the happiest nations in the world 2018, by the World Happiness Report.
  • The Finns love their sports.The ice hockey player, Teemu Selänne or the Formula1 driver Kimi Räikkönen will make great conversation openers.
  • The country is home to a large fanbase for Heavy Metal and Hard Rock and see’s the Air Guitar World Championship each year in Northern Finland.
  • The game Angry Birds was invented in Finland. The country has a strong and innovative game developing industry.




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