Global Influencers on Instagram


Accessing the world is easier than ever, but navigating it has proven to be trickier. When one single person can be the key to unlocking a specific target group, how do you identify them? Here is why you should aim global with influencers.

Instagram: The ultimate social media marketing channel

Influencer marketing increased in Google searches by 325 percent over the course of 2017, according to a study from Influencer Marketing Hub. In the same year, Instagram had 12.9 million sponsored posts – a number expected to double by the end of 2018. Instagram is seeing the most partnership activity of any social media platform, therefore, it is important to segment passionate influencers who can create engaging content that doesn’t look like paid advertising.


What type of influencer marketing works best?

Simply paying an influencer a large amount of money to smile and pose with your product isn’t the best way to work strategically with influencers. Companies that truly reap the rewards of influencer marketing are carefully picking global influencers who are passionate about their products or are leading figures in a niche closely related to what the company offers.

Think about it this way: As a consumer it’s easier to trust another person compared to a brand.

So, build a relationship with the influencer over a period of time to gain trust within your target audience. Influencers who show characteristics of credibility within their niche turn over the best results from partnerships. However, this does not mean that your brand should confine itself to a certain demographic or nationality when picking an influencer to work with. After all, one of the key benefits about Instagram is its global presence and its ability to connect you with brand ambassadors from all over the world.


Why should you make use of global influencers on Instagram? 

We can’t emphasize enough that by working with a global influencer that has an international reach, you have the ability to impact more than just one market, and access to a reach that is larger than that of traditional media. So remember, when putting your name out there don’t confine your brand to geographical boundaries. Instead, keep an open mind and make use of all the influential people out there whose Instagram profiles have the power to effect every corner of the world. 

Who knows? Maybe there’s a Global Influencer who holds the key to unlocking a new market for you. Who are they? Below see our slideshow of our 10 hand-picked favorite Global Influencers on Instagram: 


@babba.c is account of the Swedish native Babba Canales, who can be found on Instagram looking effortlessly chic in the concrete jungle of her new home – New York City. Babba is not only a fashion influencer, though, as she is also the founder of her marketing agency By.Babba and co-founder of her USA – a global network for women’s empowerment.


@Lifeofboheme by Marta Cygan has a geographically diverse, yet niched Instagram profile for fashion lovers. The Polish Parisienne is currently based in Los Angeles, but is sure to make an appearance at every major event during fashion month.


@Katie.one is the Instagram account of Ketevan Giorgadze, a Georgian born photographer and traveler at heart. Ketevan’s feed is full of creative content from beautiful locations, such as the gardens of Sicily or the streets of Tokyo.


@Chiaraferragni, a.k.a the Blonde Salad, is one of the biggest global fashion influencers and business women on the planet. Chiara’s style is worldly known and admired by fashion lovers across the globe, with 15 million followers on Instagram alone.


@Jimsandkittys is the blog and Instagram account of traveler couple Lisa-Marie and Tim. The couple can be found traveling the world, or based in one of their locations including Milan, Miami and Munich.


@Natalyosman by Nataly Osman, is the creator of the famous #FollowMeTo-movement. She and her husband travel the world to shoot glamorous pictures filling her feed with breathtaking views. She is, therefore, the perfect influencer for those looking to reach a new level of brand exposure, as we are pretty sure there is no place she hasn’t been to yet.


@thefashionmedley is the lawyer turned blogger turned fashion influencer, Elif Filyos. Born in Turkey, Elif now lives in Montreal where she pursues her love for photography, illustration and fine arts as well as sharing her personal style on Instagram.


@carodaur is no rookie in the fashion scene, having worked with many high end designers. Caroline Daur has also been featured in many renowned magazines such as Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, you name it!


@anisasojka is a true cosmopolitan, with roots in Morocco and the Czech Republic. She now lives in London where she pursues her huge passion for travel, culture and fashion.


@tinotisr or Key of Two, as she is known in the bloggosphere, is the Instagram account of Spanish native Tina Rodriguez-Araque. Together with her boyfriend, she creates compelling visual content from all of her excursions.

Is direct marketing your method of contacting influencers?  

Now, you may be asking yourself how you can effectively contact these global influencers? Here at VOCAST, we consider ourselves as email providers. We curate email lists in segmented target groups within the Fashion and Home Interior sectors. Our lists are filled with the contact information of top tier global influencers. By subscribing to our email lists, your brand will have access to an assortment of GDPR-approved contacts. Head over to the VOCAST Influencer Network to learn more.





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