How ATP Atelier shares great pieces of content with their B2B partners

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Content marketing is one of the most effective methods of developing brand presence, growing an audience, and driving sales for many brands. Consistency in brand messaging is one of the many factors that determine growth and control over a company’s narrative. Strong brands know how to portray their brand consistently and at every customer touchpoint. 

But how do you parallel this with your equally important partners, press, and other B2B collaborators? We sat down with Emmy Björling, PR & Marketing Manager at Swedish accessories and shoe brand ATP Atelier, to talk about the benefits of producing consistent and high-quality content. Learn how ATP Atelier efficiently distributes unique stories with their B2B partners. 

Why is producing quality digital content important?

For us to be able to stand out in the overly saturated fashion industry it’s important to not only create unique and exciting products but also to match that with interesting content. In some cases, content even trumps product in importance. The content tells a story the product can’t. In this day and age, most people shop to realize themselves and to associate themselves with a brand’s values rather than filling an actual “need” through a product.

ATP Atelier is known for fun and original content, how do you create something that grabs the eye and captures your brand identity?

We really value all the content that we do, which means that we put a lot of effort into how it will look and how it will feel so that the content really shows the core of the brand. It’s a constant flow process coming mainly from a team of four people in marketing. One of us has been working here for a very long time and she’s head of all the content that we produce. That is really something that helps us do almost everything in-house.

As for the inspiration, we get it from everywhere, from our creative director, the products we make, the community around us, etc…We also have a physical universe which is our Atelier, it’s much more than a store, we have other brands that we represent as well. All sorts of furniture and art that we feel are a part of our identity. We collect things around us that will be sooner or later be the inspiration for everything we do.

You also create specific content for specific retailers/stores, what are the benefits you see in doing this?

When you have a lot of different retailers around the world it might be difficult to present our brand the way we think it should be. But one way of keeping it all together is through the content that we share and create together.
For us content is so important and in that way we also want to share that with our retailers and our partners, it’s a win-win situation. That helps with keeping the narrative of ATP Atelier and the branding consistent.

In the case that we want to put a bit more effort into a certain partnership, we could for instance do a collaboration on a product level where we would do a product design together and we will also create content for that product. Sometimes we do content collaborations where we will share the story of ATP Atelier while including their products as well.

For example, we did a very successful collaboration with Net-a-Porter last summer where we created a product together – a cozier version of our Doris everyday sandals, we also worked on a content collaboration with the influencer Linh Niller. That content was shared between all of us on social media and other channels. By joining our forces together with Linh and Net-a-Porter we achieved create a very successful content collaboration.

What were your digital needs before finding VOCAST? 

We didn’t have an in-house team which means that we basically didn’t control any of the PR. We would send pictures via email or did simple wetransfers to different PR agencies. Our PR team was started together with implementing VOCAST. It simplified the whole process and we now do everything ourselves.

You create landing pages for your different collections detailing and sharing all the assets and essence of the collection. How did this idea come up?

It came up when we couldn’t travel or have anyone visit our physical showroom during the lockdowns. The whole media bank is where all pictures are but the focus is more on downloading the assets. I wanted to create an interactive page that you can share with anyone anywhere and that contains the spirit of each collection while keeping control over the narrative. It’s been great to share that because we also use it for our sales purposes, our sales team couldn’t travel as well and they use it for prospecting mainly and presenting the new collections.

What is your favorite feature of the digital showroom?

Creating and sharing selections, we use it a lot to send to stylists, to press, and partners. It’s so easy to be able to showcase in one go for example what are the heels for this season just for them to see.

What are some of the benefits you are already seeing with using our platform?

It makes a huge difference for us, if we didn’t have it we wouldn’t have a natural place to direct all the important people that should have the information for the upcoming season. I work with it every day and I think it’s an amazing solution.

Marketing teams are always working hard to make a great customer journey and I would say that as PR managers we are also focusing on creating that same journey for the whole process that comes before the end customer. VOCAST is a tool that helps us create that brand journey from start to finish. It also simplifies the whole sending back-and-forth of big assets.


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About ATP Atelier

ATP Atelier was founded by two close friends Maj-La and Jonas. ATP Atelier was born out of the desire to create shoes and leather goods that couple contemporary Scandinavian design and authentic Italian craftsmanship. The mission is to challenge the concept of luxury – to make it smart, not redundant. With a sustainable mindset ATP Atelier sets out to create, not just because, but to make a real difference in women’s lives. Read more about ATP Atelier or discover their digital showroom


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Ines is the Research and Marketing Manager at VOCAST.  She previously worked in the beauty industry and is now an expert in social media and digital marketing. Every day she helps design-driven brands navigate digital trends and carry out their marketing and brand strategies effortlessly.




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