Meet MANTLE and the 3 reasons why the rising Swedish beauty brand chose VOCAST

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MANTLE is a beauty and skincare brand founded by Stina Lönnkvist and Josefin Landgård. Together they went on a deep dive, exploring the world of CBD, and created simpler skincare routines without compromising with quality and efficiency. Naturally, the work that went into their products needed to be shared with the world, and as a result, they turned to VOCAST. The brand is a part of our growing Swedish client base to have adopted the brand sharing platform. We sat with Stina, Co-Founder, and CMO at MANTLE, who shared with us the 3 reasons why a digital showroom powered by VOCAST was the way to go.

1. Sharing content

Beauty brands rely heavily on quality content to show consumers accurate skincare « before and afters ». The skincare asset checklist includes, amongst many things: high-quality texture stills to give customers a feel for the product, pack-shots, authentic before and afters, how-to-apply videos, ingredient lists, etc…

VOCAST has re-defined asset sharing and made it easy to showcase a brand’s content. The process of sharing that crucial content is one of the first reasons why MANTLE implemented a digital showroom.

« We love that we can gather all our images and information (from campaign images and videos, to press releases and pack-shots) under the same roof. And that it’s easy for our collaborators and partners to navigate and find the material they need (…) Before VOCAST we sent everything personally to each of our contacts. After VOCAST we found an efficient way to share our latest material and news. »


2. Ease-of-use enabling creativity

The simplicity of the platform was an important factor, alongside having a complete product that allows the process of going through every touch-point without hassle. Leaving space for creativity to run free.

« We are all about multi-purpose products and VOCAST is a multi-purpose tool so it was a match made in heaven. Founding an easy-to-use solution while preserving a creative way to communicate was an important factor in our decision-making. »

3. Control facilitating time efficiency

By making the content available for their retailers, contacts, and network, MANTLE makes sure the brand’s standards are maintained by facilitating control over how they are represented. This lets Stina focus on what’s the most important, growing and nurturing her business. But to keep the ball rolling, adapting and teaching your team how to use the platform is an important factor for success: 

« It’s important to take the time making sure your digital showroom is user friendly and tailor-made for your network. The next step is to take the time to introduce VOCAST. By doing a proper onboarding you’ll save a ton of time in coordinating material to your contacts personally because they know how and where to find it themselves. Everyone in our growing teams now knows what material to use. » 

« We can focus on other tasks now that we don’t need to share everything manually. This precious time allows us to focus on making our business grow. We recommend VOCAST for structure, efficiency, and creativity. It’s a great tool for targeting your information and news towards partners and it’s a platform that is available and easy to use. »


Discover MANTLE’s Digital Showroom


Josefin Landgård met her Co-Founder Stina Lönnkvist and together they went on a deep dive, exploring the world of CBD. They quickly recognized its powerful potential to upgrade skin health, restore personal balance, and enhance well-being for people leading full lives. From this union, they founded MANTLE – a Scandinavian beauty & wellness brand powered by cannabis. The concept of MANTLE’s range is to combine the best of both worlds. All products consist of a powerful blend of actives + botanicals to promote radical results with minimal effort. Read more about MANTLE or visit their digital showroom.


Let’s get digital

Why not give a visual experience that tells a story about your brand, just as you would in your physical showroom? VOCAST supports hundreds of brands by setting up their tailor-made image banks. It’s a place for their hand-picked editors, influencers, buyers, and retailers to access their assets on the go. Learn more about the VOCAST image bank feature here: https://vocast.com/digital-showroom


Ines is the Research and Marketing Manager at VOCAST.  She previously worked in the beauty industry and is now exploring her passion for digital marketing, fashion PR, and design.




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