Webinar: Defining the new brand journey with creative brand agency Mørch & Rohde

Live webinar Tuesday 21/06/2022 from 10:00 to 11:00 CET

Sign up for our third webinar installment where we continue our research to understand how fashion brands establish themselves today and how their journey to notoriety has significantly evolved in the past years.

Tackling the same topics of how the internet, social media, globalization, and digitalization changed the game, we invited Mørch & Rohde, a successful Danish strategic and creative agency that offers 360-degree branding, communication, concept development, SoMe, and PR solutions for Scandinavian and international fashion/lifestyle brands. Their clientele includes notable labels such as IRO, ba&sh, Martin Asbjørn, SAND, and Arne Aksel to name a few.

Join us live to hear Lotte Mørch Monchamp and Sarah Rohde Olsen, respectively Co-founder/Creative Director, and Co-founder/CEO of Mørch & Rohde discuss how they help brands obtain a unique and strong market position in Scandinavia, cover the evolution of influencer marketing and classic PR, advise on how to implement a successful PR and content-based strategy and answer all your questions in our Q&A part.



Part 1: Content strategy and production – then and now


  • How has the sales process changed for brands
  • How has their content strategy, branding, and communication evolved
  • Influencer marketing and Classic PR


Part 2: Content strategy and production – best practices


  • Breaking into the Scandinavian market vs bigger European markets
  • Producing new types of content to suit new channels and partners



Meet our experts

Lotte Mørch Monchamp – Founder and CEO of the sales agency Mørch, and Co-Founder and Creative Director of Mørch & Rohde

She has worked in the fashion industry for more than two decades and is known in the industry for her ability to introduce international fashion brands to the Scandinavian market. She holds a degree from Studio Bercot in Paris and has been Creative Director and Partner at Mørch & Rohde since the agency was founded in early 2019. In Mørch & Rohde, Lotte oversees all creative processes and advises brands on how to develop a strong visual identity, where she combines creative thinking with a commercial mindset. 


Sarah Rohde Olsen – Co-Founder and CEO of Mørch & Rohde

She has a background in consulting and is a subject matter expert in positioning and brand strategy. She advises brands on how to stand out and be fit for the future. Her specialty is further in Influencer Marketing, where she advises brands on working with Influencers from a strategic perceptive and is also the agent of Josefine Hj. She holds a Cand.Merc.EMF from CBS has attended the Business Certificate Program at Columbia University in New York. She worked as a Management Consultant at Implement Consulting Group before founding Mørch & Rohde in 2019 together with Lotte Mørch.