British Fashion Council

The British Fashion Council and VOCAST enter into a Partnership on press portal


VOCAST is proud to announce a partnership with the British Fashion Council to support the digital extension of London Fashion Week. The organization will use VOCAST’s services to launch a new Press Portal where both British and international media will be able to access imagery from London Fashion Week and other British Fashion Council events.

Access the official Press Portal here

“Physical events naturally make way bigger impact than digital ones. But even a physical event as strong as a runway show can be improved, by sharing runway and backstage photos as well as other relevant content, with the attendees to help them reflect and digest what they just saw and experienced.


In these times of social distancing and with the emergence of “digital events” or events with limited attendance capacities, sharing content to media around the world has never been more crucial. “


Co-founder Jens Hamborg Koefoed.


With social distancing and flying bans, digital tools are paramount in reaching out and engaging with a professional audience. VOCAST has been supporting digital runways for Copenhagen Fashion Week for several seasons and comes with a wealth of experience on how to boost the reach of fashion events to include press, stylists, influencers, and buyers who are not able to attend physical events and thereby helping designers and brands to make the most of the major investment a runway show is for them.


”We are delighted to partner with Vocast to allow international media to access London Fashion content. In these challenging times for the fashion industry, working with a digital company to help us push out our content is very important. We hope that with this partnership, our international audience will feel close to the event, no matter where they are.”


Gemma Juviler, Commercial Director British Fashion Council


The partnership with the British Fashion Council marks the entry of VOCAST into the British market. VOCAST services hundreds of fashion and design brands such as Ganni, Stine Goya, and Wood Wood, across the globe with their Brand Sharing Platform software. This enables them to share content with a global audience of press, stylists, bloggers, and other industry influencers.


“Internet, social media, and the decline in print publishing is making classic PR more and more redundant. You have to go through drastically more people than you used to, to reach your market. In addition to that, most brands need a global perspective on everything they do since brand discovery has moved online.


By combining various tools from email campaigns to asset management into a digital showroom on the brands’ website, we create a unique place to touch and feel the brand through its stories and content. Brands can drive important industry influencers like editors, stylists, and retailers into their digital showroom and arm them with valuable content, to share their story. It is a way to scale your marketing globally and to let your content stand out.”


Co-Founder Jens Hamborg Koefoed.

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