Copenhagen Fashion Week and VOCAST in partnership to create a Digital Runway

In an era of digitalization and automatization most of what we do, we do online, while on the go. We are constantly loaded with digital information from which we must evaluate and adjust to. Fact is, our world is becoming increasingly more digital and all players must adapt to persist. Supporting the digital expansion, we believe in its power and aspire to continuously develop from its challenging forces.

With the ambition to improve value for brands and guests, as well as maximizing global reach for the Autumn/Winter 2020 fashion week, Copenhagen Fashion Week and the digital showroom vendor, VOCAST have partnered up in providing runway and presentation photos to buyers and press every evening throughout the event: The Digital Runway.

What is a Digital Runway?

The Digital Runway is a visual newsletter which will be sent out every evening. Every newsletter will highlight all looks and backstage images from the daily shows and presentations for guests to review after the event. Global buyers and press contacts will be able to view shows as if they were present at the event. In this way, the audience is no longer limited to the actual guests of a show or presentation, but rather maximized to all relevant profiles.

Digitalization is increasingly dominating the fashion industry and we have been solid enthusiasts of merging the two into the Danish fashion scene with our digital showrooms. Yet, “it is important for us to be a central part of the local fashion scene and not just support it. We want to learn from it and develop upon its emergence” says Jens Hamborg Koefoed, Co-founder at VOCAST. Embracing the combination of digitalization and the Danish fashion scene with a focus on sustainability is crucial for the years to come. This requires innovative business models for which the Digital Runway is a good beginning.


Maximizing global reach and value for brands and guests

It is a challenge for press and buyers to make it to every show and presentation, brands may be unaware of potential new buyers, and vice versa. Collaboratively, we offer the brands of the AW20 fashion week with a large, global network including numerous buyers, press and influencers. In return, this will maximize brands’ individual reach and brand awareness as well as promote new relations. 

It is challenging for press and buyers to make it to every event of Copenhagen Fashion Week. This is why we, in collaboration with Copenhagen Fashion Week, aspire to improve the service and experience towards the audience of the event by making all styles and looks digitally available shortly after the shows and presentations”, explains Jens Hamborg Koefoed, Co-founder at VOCAST.

The Digital Runway allows buyers and press contacts to review, share and publish trends, styles and outfits as well as download quality images from the fashion shows and presentations. They will have access to do this at the end of each day and all content will be stored for later use.

We are happy to extend our already existing partnership with VOCAST to include the service of the Digital Runway, which provides show and presentation assets to all of our professional guests to simplify their work highlights Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week. 

Every brand that creates a show or a presentation, desire to create an experience and an atmosphere for the audience to delve into and explore. Yet capturing the perfect shot of the hottest outfit has come to outweigh the value from actively and mentally taking part in the event and being present. “Knowing they will receive runway images shortly after the shows, guests can put their phones away and take in every part of the event” says Jens Hamborg Koefoed, Co-founder at VOCAST. In this way, the Digital Runway proposes an increase in the guests’ experiences with the shows and presentations and promotes brand presence during Copenhagen Fashion Week.


Receive runway, backstage and presentation images directly from the events of the Autumn/Winter 20 Copenhagen Fashion Week by signing up to the Digital Runway here

To view, share and publish trends, styles and outfits as well as download quality images from the shows and presentations create your personal login here.

Laura is the Customer Success Consultant at VOCAST. Pursuing her passion for digital marketing and PR, she guides clients to improve their communication strategies and is responsible for the fashion and interior research in the Danish market.



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