With over 1,5 million Instagram posts, #lifewithkids is one of the most rapidly growing industry trends in the current media landscape. Essentially built by women out of a desire for a sense of community, the term Mommy Blogging saw its heyday in the early 2000s. This organically-grown movement started small and then rose well into the millions of followers, with a strong community of women listening to other women and sharing their life experiences under the hashtag “life with kids.” Although started by women, this community includes all parents and does not exclude fathers.

To get a better understanding of how to collaborate with this powerful community and to learn their motivators, we talked with three influencers who regularly share their family life on Social Media. Stephanie van Klev and Victoria Radar both from Germany and Caroline Nehring from Denmark.

The rise of ‘mommy’ influencers

Aided by advancement in technology, new mothers and fathers turn to social media to forge connections and to share their joys and frustrations with other likeminded parents. They share their daily triumphs and struggles while seeking advice to get through the challenging stages of parenthood. With other moms, sharing photos of their children online just so happens to be a natural part of their life. For Caroline Nehring, it was all organic. Most of her images are fashion and lifestyle-related, but as time passed her life as a mother became a natural part of her social media feed. After giving birth, she and her husband decided that it would be totally normal to include their children in their social media.

The benefits of sharing family life on social media

Mommy influencers are known for sharing their honest, sentimental, and raw feelings with their online community. Because of the bonds they share, their audiences are extremely engaged with their everyday lives.

The experiences of our experts when sharing their family life on Social Media

Caroline: “My experience with sharing my family life on social media is really good. Both my husband and I perceive our followers as an extended family and have spent years getting to know them and building relationships with them all – some have even become close friends. Additionally, we experience a loving, supporting and engaging environment on social media, which we do not see a reason for excluding our children from. However, they are not the main topic in our online universe, and many things regarding our family life is not shared with our social world. We try to balance between personal life and social life online – and the things we chose not to share are private not just because of our children, but also ourselves.”

Stephanie: “On Instagram, there exists a really big community with people that share their family life with their followers. I think it is fun to share and exchange experiences and give or get valuable advice to see how others do it. A lot of times, you realize that there are a lot of families outside that experience the same things as you, such as moms and dads who have the same questions or uncertainties.”

Victoria: “My family is my holy grail in life and I really see that my followers appreciate me showing my kids and our family trips in my instagram content.”

The ethical debate

The presence of children on social media has been an ongoing debate that continues to get more and more coverage in the press. France has recently has made a law in which children can sue their parents for posting pictures of them on SoMe. Youtube has also taken action by closing the comment section on family channels to prevent and protect minors from predatory behavior. For the first time, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) includes specific data protection provisions for the processing of personal data of children and adolescents.

It has also been noted that while child models and actors are protected by state laws around working conditions, hours, and payment, the same doesn’t apply to Instagram posts. These actions are taken specifically regarding ethical concerns about children on social media. While for some parents it may be a means of creativity, earning money, and spending quality time with their children, other parents might disagree.

So, what do our experts think about this?

Caroline: “With time, our children may not want to be a part of our online universe anymore, and we respect and support that. But for now they find it extremely fun to be a part of and we find it natural to include them sometimes. What is most important for us regarding our children on social media, is that they are 100% themselves. We never ask them to do something specific or pose in front of the camera. The images of our children have movement and are a little imperfect – exactly how we find happy children should be. On the other hand, we are aware of how to expose them and think about how they will perceive it 10 years from now as teenagers – we do not want them to be embarrassed”.

Stephanie: “Of course, there will always be people who seem to know everything better about what is best for your children. But these kinds of people exist in every aspect of everyday life. You just have to know how to deal with that.”

Victoria: “My priority definitely is to protect my children, but I really enjoy sharing those precious pictures that we get to take on our family trips or during random shoots. It’s all a balance. Most of my children’s life is not a part of my online universe, but they are such a big part of me, that they, of course, cannot be totally excluded, neither do we want to exclude them. Including them on our social media accounts further gives a better perception of who we are as people.”

How to best start a collaboration

To maintain the authenticity of their feed, most influencers are particular about collaborations with brands. It is a known fact that promoting a misfitting product or brand could be detrimental to their personal brand and impact their following. Mommy influencers are, because of their children, even more picky about the brands they collaborate with. It simply takes a lot of caution and care. Just like any other parent, influencers do not use just any product for their children.

In order to get off on the right foot, we asked Caroline, Stephanie, and Victoria how to best approach them.

Caroline: “The best way to reach me is to write my an e-mail (abcnliving@hotmail.com) or by sending me a direct message through my Instagram profile.”

Stephanie: “A short e-mail (via the contact form on my blog or also directly) or a direct message on Instagram with the appropriate project suggestion is sufficient. Then, I see immediately if the brand fits to me and I will get back to them as soon as possible via e-mail or telephone.”

Victoria: The best way to reach me is definitely via my social media management who filters requests and invitations for me. I prefer to gather my business inquiries and mails to get and keep an overview of what I have to do and who I have to get in touch with.”

Meet our experts

Self-proclaimed ‘Interior Geek and fashion lover’, Caroline Nehring is a creative consultant. Aside from that, she and her husband are renovating a doctors clinic into a their beautiful home. The process is can be found at: @_our_new_home_ . 


103K Instagram followers.



Since 2014, Stephanie van Klev writes about her passion for fashion and styling on her blog Véjà Du. Since the birth of her daughter Rosie, her fashion feed became complimented with beautiful pictures of her motherhood journey.


Website: veja-du.de
38K Instagram followers.


Image & content creator, stylist, blogger, founder, and mother, this businesswoman has got it all! She has approx. 300K followers on Instagram, a lovely family and consistently high-quality content. Expect high-end yet accessible fashion inspiration complimented with modern motherhood from this multi-talented blonde.

Website: vikyandthekid.com
300K Instagram followers.



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