How and When To Use Your Brand Sharing Platform

We designed VOCAST to be a direct, digital extension to your brand’s heart and soul, mirroring your aesthetics and vision while giving industry professionals with reach and influence easy access to share and promote your brand.


1. Physical to digital – Use all physical meetings with clients, press or influencers to promote your Image Bank. You are converting physical meetings to digital traffic, thus teaching them to serve themselves and automating this process.

2. Think traffic – Your Image Bank is a dynamic entity, that should have a life like your webshop. New campaigns, attractive visuals, promoting new content with targeted campaigns when it’s available.

3. Plan ahead – Like all marketing activities, a lot can be gained by planning a least six months ahead. What’s happening in your company, and how do those activities translate into PR?

Here are our Image Bank essentials you need to know about:

Press days – Bring an iPad with the Image Bank and make sure to promote it. Share selections with content related to the styles that editors and influencers find interesting, so they have content to share, as soon as they leave your showroom.

Photo shoots – When preparing for campaigns, look books, etc. always think about unique “behind the scenes” content to create for your retailers that captures the creative essence of your brand. It helps them understand and sell your products.

Runway – Remember to post and share all runway shows through selections and glossy email send-outs, making your content instantly available for everyone not attending your show or those that did not catch a decent photo of their favorite look.

Internally – Have all sales, marketing, and PR contacts bookmark your Image Bank in their iPhone or iPad  – this way it is shareable and available on the go. Teach them the basics on how to download and share material from the Image Bank. Provide a short demo or a simple training session, we are open to helping out in this process.

On an everyday basis – Brainstorm themes or trends to give your products appeal and make them current for your clients and the press; original prints, weekend looks, headgear for the cold period, etc. You will be helping the press come up with ideas for trends and mood boards, as well as getting more product PR.

Events – Remember to feature every collection, product drop and pop-up event in your Image Bank. When something happens, you should upload content. So, if something important is happening, add content to your image bank. It is that simple.

VIPs – When influencers and press visit your events, the chances are you are probably already taking photos of them. Make sure to upload and share these images instantly via VOCAST, for them to share on their own channels. Each VIP should receive photos of themselves with rights to share. The key here is to be fast, so they can share the same day or shortly after and tag you to build traffic to your social channels.

Press Favorites – As you gain more traffic, weekly or monthly newsletters for your clients showing details on the most popular downloads from the press can give them an insight into what is trending, enticing those to shop for more.

Sharing your vision – Why should anyone buy your products instead of others? Sharing small videos answering this question will strengthen both internal staff and clients. Share them with clients and store personnel for training purposes and for motivating them to push ahead of other brands. Retail is under pressure. Use content to stand out and get in front. Clients can learn from your content, but also share it in their channels to generate traffic and sales in their stores.



Jens Hamborg Koefoed

Founder of VOCAST

When Jens is not at VOCAST, he is probably chasing his twins around trying to make them behave. Loves surfing, traveling to exotic places and sharing Steve Jobs anecdotes. Passionate about everything, and most recently making the perfect how-to-live-sustainable-while-still-enjoying-life-list.


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