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Content drives sales

Digital Showroom

Traditionally VOCAST has been developed to improve workflow in PR and relations with journalists and digital influencers. However, VOCAST has also become a tool for sales at the Birgitte Herskind office. Wing-Yan Lo, who is in charge of international sales and brand awareness for the brand, has begun to apply VOCAST features in her work routine to set the brand aside from their competitors.

“The fashion industry is very competitive. Especially if you sell your clothes in multi-brand shops, it is important to make yourself noticed and a way to do that is to create good looking content, for your customers to use. If you leave it up to each shop to take their own photos of the clothing, often it won’t meet the brand’s standards. By making the content available for them, we have control over how our brand is represented and eventually sales will also improve”, says Wing-Yan Lo.

The process of sharing that crucial content is one of the things that the VOCAST digital showroom have improved for Birgitte Herskind’s customers and for Wing-Yan herself.

“Before we started using VOCAST our lookbook and campaign pictures was sent out by e-mail so the quality of the pictures was lower and it took longer. Now it’s super easy for our customers to download content to use directly on their own websites and social media. It’s easier for everyone and the result is better.”

Enhancing customer relations

Not only has the digital showroom helped to boost sales for Birgitte Herskind, it has also helped create stronger relations to customers and agents. According to Wing-Yan Lo it makes a huge difference to be able to point customers in the direction of the digital showroom.

“We make new content available every month in the digital showroom, and we teach our customers and agents to check it each time. In this way we improve the relationship with them, especially the ones not located nearby. When they can visit our digital showroom regularly and follow what is new in our brand, I can tell that our customers feel more connected to us and we feel more connected to them as well”, says Wing-Yan Lo.

With so many different customers using Birgitte Herskind’s digital showroom in Europe and overseas, simplicity of the platform is an important factor.

“Even though we have many Spanish and French-speaking customers with limited English, it’s very intuitive, so they can manage to use it anyway”, says Wing-Yan Lo. “It’s a complete product and I can only see us using it more in the future”.

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Birgitte Herskind is a Danish fashion designer based in Copenhagen with a passion for beautiful materials and unconventional cuts. She focuses on the balance between tradition, fashion, quality and innovation.
Morten Hald

Morten Hald er frontend-udvikler og grafiker hos VOCAST. Han er desuden husets e-mailguru, brænder for funktionelt og smukt design, elsker at spille fodbold og har en passion for B2C-marketing.


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