8 tips for more publicity

Email Best Practices

Communication and marketing people aim to get their content published. But the journalists receive a lot of stories daily, and it’s far from every story that makes it in to the newspaper or magazine.

VOCAST has interviewed 89 journalists, divided into four different media types, and asked them what makes a press release interesting to read.

Here’s what they answered:

  • The content must reflect the interests of the media and readers. It’s all about the angle of the story.
  • The content must be new and current.
  • It is preferable if the story is sent to a few recipients and a form of exclusivity can be guaranteed.
  • Press releases must have a critical angle and a clear message.
  • It is especially good if it comes from a credible sender and contains credible facts and numbers.
  • It is a prerequisite that the press release is well written in a dimmed language. That meaning drop the superlatives and stick to the facts.
  • The press release must be short and accurate.
  • For a local newspaper it is important that the press release is locally anchored and relevant to the citizens in the geographical area.


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