How mom influencers make you do it!

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Impactful, persuasive and the ultimate go-to for advice of any kind. The mom influencers have really made a mark in the social media landscape. Starting on amateur blogs back in 2005, the first moms entered the blogosphere longing for communities that would understand them and their struggles as mothers and women.

What emerged was a task force of dedicated individuals, helping and inspiring each other as they become women who deal with the hurdles of motherhood. Their content was based on experiences and the reality that any of them would encounter everyday. The eschewing of motherly niceness and difficulties in family life shaped an intimate conversation and space to be truly vulnerable.

Consequently their believability and trustworthiness created loyal communities that stayed intact until this very day. But what makes them so popular amongst aspiring mothers and women in general, and how did they adjust to the way social media works today? 

Being a mother requires having the answer… to everything!

How hard the job of being a mother is can only be answered by those who live a life with children. This role requires strength, discipline, and knowledge of what to do, at the perfect time, always. Mistakes are seen by judgemental eyes as unacceptable. The pressure on mothers worldwide is high, as they have to have the answer to everything from nutrition, self-care after pregnancy, baby care, kindergarten choices to knowing all kinds of allergens and chemical-free textile options. It becomes a job to keep up with knowing what is ultimately right.

Here is where experienced mommy bloggers come into play. Their know-how is like a guiding light for many aspiring “power moms” out there. It becomes as if a very good friend gives you tips and lets you know what to look out for and which direction to take. Obviously, the audience has the utmost appreciation for it because otherwise, they would eventually be tapping in the dark on these issues.

The fact that someone before them has already tested and found a solution for a certain problem awakes trust and confidence. This insight is what makes mom influencers so attractive and the first station for many new and young mothers to look for tips, tricks, and product recommendations.


The Rise to content specialists and brand favourites.

Looking at the statistics, being a mom blogger is a popular occupation with over 4.2 million people pursuing their own career as such. Over the past decade, these stay-at-home moms have transformed into a real content marketing army. Traditionally, mom bloggers were a separate entity from consumer brands, however, in recent times, moms have mentioned brands on average around 73 per week. This makes enterprises from many different sectors recognize the value of mom bloggers and the huge online network they could offer to potential clients.

What makes mom bloggers so special is their authenticity factor. They are straight shooters, with around 60% of moms only talking about brands they love or really dislike. Furthermore, since most of their mentioned products are organically arising within their content, audiences believe their purpose and benefit to a higher extent than they usually would.

Moms’ content has changed fundamentally from experienced-based content to aspirational content. We are talking about a shift in strategy, making content more popular that incorporates product placement and promises to ease a certain problem or direct struggle. Studies have shown that influencer marketing skyrockets when personalities add babies to the mix. Baby-centric Instagram accounts are not just adorable but also translate to a wide audience of individuals who are in need or searching for the perfect thing for their child or themselves for a certain benefit.


What is their secret to success?

Over 83% of new moms are millennials. These new moms spend over eight hours a day online. Therefore they are regarded as key advisors or decision-influencers in their respective communities. Additionally, mom influencers have a unique demographic. They do not just cater to moms alone, in fact, these types of influencers set trends. For this reason, many companies love to spend money on sponsored posts for mommy bloggers, as they can advertise almost everything. From baby to personal care products, medicine, dietary supplements, hygiene products, clothing, beauty, electronic devices, and even insurances, nothing is off-limits.

Overall, the statistics show that engagement is accordingly very high. For example, In 61% of all consumer electronics purchases, a woman either initiated the purchase or was involved in the purchase process. Through endorsements and brand ambassadorships, mom influencers are able to leverage their audience and increase visibility long-term for products and services. This way, brands, and partners really know that their money is well spent.


How using mom influencers can benefit your business?

Moms make the majority of all household purchasing decisions, which makes them a vessel for generating turnover. In the United States, women make up more than half the population, accounting for over 85 % of all consumer purchasing decisions and overall spending power of over 2,8 trillion US Dollars. This development is huge and leaves women in the pole position. Worldwide, this amount increases to 31,5 million US Dollars in purchasing power. Women do seem to rule the world after all.

Mom influencers are incredibly decisive and do not stop looking for the perfect product. They will keep scrolling the whole day because having control over their decision-making is extremely important to them. Because of this, a large number of branches pitch to mom influencers, making it their goal to convince them that they have the product they cannot live without.

When working with a mom influencer, you have the certainty that you have a representative from your key demographic, making your message go full circle. The public tends to trust real people instead of a brand executive. That is the level of genuineness you are getting with a mom influencer. Moms lead incredibly busy lives and therefore look for somebody they can relate to and trust. They, in comparison to their mom influencer counterparts, do not have the time to research everything in-depth. 92% of all women pass along information about deals or online recommendations to others. So if you have your audience in your grip, it becomes like a wildfire of spreading information.


Mom Influencers across markets.

Looking generally at the popularity, content, engagement and cultural context of mom influencers in different markets, one can see that there are huge similarities in the way they are being perceived. Our ambitious researchers have found some interesting profiles on who to look out for across our markets. 

Denmark 🇩🇰

Mom influencers are very popular in Denmark. However, it is fewer people who started blogging as mom bloggers from the beginning but more already established influencers who became a mother in the process of their careers. Danes value transparency and are curious to get a sneak peek into the “family life” of others they follow. Sought after content e.g. is pregnancy posts, buying a new home, and kids starting school. 

Popular Life with Kids influencer: @Cathrine Widunok Wichmand


Sarah Friis – Danish Lifestyle Researcher

Sweden 🇸🇪

The popularity of mom influencers is not the biggest in Sweden, but they are oh so significant to their community nonetheless. Oftentimes well-known influencers who become pregnant sort of “fall into” becoming mom influencers, as they enter a new chapter in their life naturally, as influencers they want to share it and their followers stay interested in their lives evolvement. These influencers already have a solid following but gain an even larger one as they start to attract a new audience whose interest lies in motherhood and family life.

Besides influencers becoming mom influencers, in recent years more and more professionals such as midwives, gynecologists and doulas become mom influencers as they gain large followings when posting about their jobs and intertwine that with their own personal family lives and experiences of motherhood. Since motherhood and caring for children is less of an ‘identity women in Sweden take on and not something that is very prestigious, influencers, as well as professionals who share content centered around family life mostly inspire, support, and share their experiences with each other, almost like one, would do in a forum. Because of this, their engagement rates are often high.

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @VictoriaTörnegren

Cerena Kulego – US & Swedish Market Coordinator

Norway 🇳🇴

In Norway, mom bloggers are highly established within the influencer sphere. Several mom bloggers have large followings and regularly make appearances in Norwegian mainstream media. These influencers have an engaged community in which their followers frequently comment on their posts.

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @Annelin Stangeland

Sara Linvåg Næss, Norwegian Market Coordinator

Italy 🇮🇹

Generally, Life with kids is a really popular segment in Italy. Many are interested and follow trends, created by mom influencers. They also appear to have more engagement and a tighter community, making them able to incorporate lots of sponsored content. Everything from beauty products for newborns over home interior to clothes, people really seem to be curious about. 

PopularLife with Kids Influencer: @JuliaElle

Federica Manzi, Italian Lifestyle Researcher

Germany 🇩🇪

The German mom influencer landscape is big but not as extensive as in other countries. Nonetheless, many mothers and those who are soon to be are looking towards opinion leaders that offer guidance and tips. The majority of German mom influencer is being defined by people who have been in the social media business prior to birth and included their baby after in their content. The popularity and acceptance level, in general, has risen for showcasing children on social media. Germans in particular though worry about their privacy and also of their children, therefore the mom influencer scene is still developing.

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @VikyRader 


Kevin Pretzel-Hackel, DACH Market Coordinator

France 🇫🇷

Mom bloggers are becoming really popular in France, and have a big community of other moms’ supporting them. The mom blogger community is very tight, and being a mom blogger is not only about partnering with brands, it is also about breaking taboos and challenges about parenthood, that any parent could relate to and this often creates a stronger bond between a mom blogger and her community. They do not necessarily need to have many followers. In fact, french mom bloggers often have fewer followers but much more engagement when posting stories and pictures.

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @MarionGruber


Ema Laurenzana, French Lifestyle Researcher


The “mummy-influencer” scene in the UK is vast. It is largely made up of “the original” millennial influencers (think Zoella & Binky) who have all become parents when they already had a large social media presence. These influencers have had a community-like following for the past 10+ years and are the same ages as many of their followers, who are also having babies at the same time. The loyalty their followers have to them is therefore very strong. On the other hand, some of the most influential “mummy-influencers” are the classic fashionistas that keep their profiles purposely catered towards women and share content such as beautiful home interior, comfy loungewear, and their skincare routines – rather than all of their content has to do with their babies and kids. These influencers are particularly popular because they share a specific message of self-care.  

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @LilyPebbles


Georgina Juel, UK Market Coordinator


Mom influencers are very popular in The US and often have hundreds of thousands of followers. This is largely due to the fact that being a mother and overall family life is highly valued. Many women in the United States dedicate their lives to their families and taking on the role of a stay-at-home mom is nothing uncommon or frowned upon. Since family life is so important in American culture, it becomes natural for many to want to share it. 

Since mom blogging in general largely is about sharing and talking about things specific to the mom lifestyle, influencers engagement rates surge as a result of people wanting to discuss in comments, be “in the know” and check-in with the moms and their families. Unlike in Sweden, many American mommy influencers have started their online journeys as such, they’ve become storytellers with childcare, housework, and motherhood as their main focus. Mom’s increasingly become entrepreneurs and starting companies around their family life, rightfully taking advantage of a, according to
Forbes, largely ignored million dollar industry.

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @EvaChen

Cerena Kulego, US & Swedish Market Coordinator

The Netherlands 🇳🇱

The amount of mommy influencers in The Netherlands is high. Especially in the last two years, many influencers became a mom and are now sharing this with their followers. The Dutch mommy influencers have a tight community, taking their amount of followers and likes per post into account. Generally, the fewer followers they have, the higher the engagement. This chart offers an overview of this development. 

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @JippJanssenHeldoorn

Michelle Achten, Dutch Market Coordinator

Belgium 🇧🇪

When we look at the Belgium market, we notice that the mom-influencers are mostly persons who were already known (from tv or other media). When they became a mom, they also started sharing a lot of their life as a parent with their followers. The average engagement of mum influencers in Belgium is between 3.10% to 3.69%. 

Popular Life with Kids Influencer: @AnnVanElsen

Michelle Achten, Dutch Market Coordinator

Image: Unsplash


Kevin is the DACH Market Coordinator at VOCAST. He grew up in Berlin, studying fashion journalism and communication and has previously worked within fashion PR. Currently he is studying toward a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has a strong interest in sustainability, writing and modern design practices. 






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